Monday, July 2, 2012

Trayvon Martin: Phone Record and 7-11 Video

I have recently discovered a video (thanks to )  where the sound is of good enough quality to hear Trayvon answer his phone at 6:23 PM, while standing at the counter.  I will admit that I did not see him answer the phone when I first viewed the video.
Click here for 7-11 Video 

You will notice while watching the video, Trayvon answers his phone at 6:23 PM.  Problem is, this incoming call is not on his phone record.

Click HERE for Trayvon Martin's full phone log

How will the prosecution explain this when the phone logs are made public?  Since they've been around for at least three months, why haven't they been made public already?
This bill has Tracy Martin's name on it - the pages could easily have been mixed between Tracy's bill and others - there are FOUR lines on Tracy's account.

 Where is the incoming call for 6:23 that Trayvon answers in the store and who is calling him?  Notice in the video Trayvon looks around as if he is expecting someone right before the call comes in.