Monday, July 23, 2012

Trayvon Martin's Brothers and Sisters, Known and Unknown

6/12/2012 More fibbing by omission?  Or just omitting because Tracy is not trying to look like the typical (serial) baby daddy?  This is the only picture I have found of Takira Martin, Trayvon Martin's sister, and her daddy, Tracy Martin, appearing in public, I have found -  to date, I have never heard the name "Takira" escape their mouths.  Is it because she's a minor (not sure myself), because they didn't mind throwing Chad Green up on the telly, Brandi Green's 14-year-old son. Above,Takira with Sybrina and Tracy at a church or rally, not sure  which.


 Meet Trayvon's little sister Takira.  It is not clear whether or not her mother is "Larisa",  or if Tracy and her mother were even married - Takira and Trayvon were very close in age.  Takira seems younger, but Tracy was married to Alicia (and still is, as far as we can tell), when this child would have been born.  Confusing baby daddy stuff.  


 Click the following link to view Takira's sweet video to her brother, Trayvon.  I can't believe the media hasn't interviewed this young woman.  Her facebook is public, she's not hard to find.  She would certainly soften the hearts of many who are irate at the deception.  Ironically, this is just another lie.

  Takira's touching message to her brother Trayvon

Apparently there is one other brother we've not heard about, Demetrius Martin.  His facebook is not open and I couldn't find much about him, unless he's the well-built tatted guy on myspace.

~All pics and video courtesy of public facebook postings ~

Family listed on public Facebook

I'd love to say "the end", but who knows....


  1. Did you notice that the baby's picture also says "sister"? Also, wondering if riptray is actually her middle name....

  2. Anon, you are right - nice catch. There's just too many baby's to keep up with! LOL at the name, I wouldn't doubt it, sadly that would be one of the more normal ones!

    1. That's not her middle name you fucking idiot!! Its means rest in peace tray!!!

    2. Hi trent! you're still a loser and a delusional douchebag

  3. I was watching the video of his sister. What is it with these people? Do they know how to speak? I can't even understand half of what she said! It was the same thing with Rachel on the stand. I could barely understand what she was saying!

    This trial is such a political sham! I feel so sorry for the Zimmerman family! The media has so misrepresented the facts!

  4. I apologize for all the broken links and missing pics - I've since learned to take screenshots.

  5. This is the most ignorant crap I've ever read. Your disclaimer shows that this is a right wing racist tool for propaganda to polarize people and terrorize a family who lost their child. Mind your business. Leave the Vic's family alone.


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