Thursday, July 26, 2012

Trayvon Martin Gang Banger or Drug Problem?

Between February 26, 2012, when Trayvon was shot and killed by George Zimmerman, Trayvon's father, Tracy Martin inked over a tattoo which indicated he had been a member of the Crips street gang. Did Trayvon want his dad's attention and being in a gang was the way he aimed to go about it, in his mind? Or was Trayvon into drugs? We know he had traces of marijuana in his system at death, but the toxicology report has not been fully revealed. For now, all we have to go by are his own words and photographs before he died.

Poverty, learning disabilities, family stress, school failure or behavior problems in the primary grades, truancy, involvement in petty theft, and a lack of involvement in activities which provide a positive sense of self and identity. Trayvon showed many of the signs (red):

Ways to Identify Potential Gang Members [Link]

  • Poor academic progress in school.
  • Lack of interest in school activities.
  • Large blocks of unsupervised time
  • Signs of increased conflict at home: Tracy separated from Alicia Martin two weeks before Trayvon was shot for attacking a neighborhood watch volunteer.
  • Frequent disciplinary problems at home and/or school: Three suspensions in one school year.  As far back as 2010 Tracy Martin complained of his son lying and acting like a "negra", whatever that means.
  • Frequent contact with police.
  • Drawing graffiti: Trayvon was caught sneaking around lockers at school, drawing obscene graffiti on school walls
  • Imitating gang dress or behavior: In the picture below you can see the rosary beads worn by trayvon. He's also wearing a Reeses tee which is a hip-hop group, The Propane Gang that sings about gang activity and violence.
Notice his belt all the way to the side.
Belt to one side
  • Uses hand signs adopted by a gang.
  • Sleeps Late
  • Very groggy in the morning
  •  Paraphernalia found in his house – Small plastic bags, rolling papers, syringes, tin foils: Trayvon was caught with drug paraphernalia (pipe), and a pot baggie in his back pack at school. When he died he had THC in his system.
Star green is sensi star marijuana - contains sativa which can cause erratic behavior and even hallucinations.

Sunshine is a slang word for Mephedrone It's effects last between an hour to 3 hours or so depending on the potency and how much is taken.  The body high of MDMA and the mental high of coke. .
  •  Missing medicine (valium, vicodin, etc…)
  • Missing cough syrup
Conservative Treehouse images

The above had to be December or January before his death

Sliding: To be under the influence of Dextromethorphan (DXM);
 or Dextromethorphan Hidrobromide (DXM HBR). 

Trayvon was using codeine in July. Contrary to what was reported in the media, he bought Watermelon Juice at the 711 and Skittles, both are used to make "Drank" which combined with Dextromethorphan (DXM), has a profound effect on a person's personality.

Why Do Kids Join a Gang?

Gangs can meet needs that go unfulfilled in other aspects of a child´s life.

Trayvon went between his mother, his step-mother - Alicia, and Tracy's girlfriend with whom Tracy cheated on Alicia with for two years prior to Trayvon's death.

The gang can give a sense of security, structure and DISCIPLINE that is missing at home.
No doubt "structure" was a problem for Trayvon - his father seemed to get around a lot and Sybrina passed him off for someone else to discipline. She makes excuses for him even now "nothing he did was criminal".  Yes, drugs and pot pipes would get him arrested on the street - as would the jewelry he obviously stole.  Video of Sybrina in total denial

The gang appears to be loyal when others are not.
  • Physical injury (such as being beaten) and then child lies about the events surrounding the injury: In my opinion, Trayvon suffered a broken nose at some point - look at the difference in his appearance after age 13 or 14.
  • Peculiar drawings or language on school books (may appear later as tattoos or brands)
  • Unexplained cash or goods, such as clothing or jewelry: The Miami Herald claims that in October, he was caught with a 'burglary tool' - a flathead screwdriver - and 12 pieces of women's jewellery. Martin insisted that they did not belong to him. 
  • Possible use of alcohol and drugs with attitude change 

Why do kids join gangs?
Each case is individual, but some reasons include:

  • „ Security, protection and a sense of belonging
  • „  Sense of status or respect
  •  Living in a gang infested community or having family members in a gang
Tracy Martin w/Crips gang tattoo - see story here
There are at least nine known gangs in Miami Gardens, where Trayvon and his father lived.  
  • Financial opportunities (i.e. profits from drug distribution and other illegal activities)
  • „„Media glorifying violence
Trayvon may have been in a gang, or he may have been into drugs as an escape or quite possibly neither.  Looking at this picture is proof though, that something was definitely going on.  He looks like a different person, like someone doing a lot of bad drugs and/or very angry.  How does a parent see these changes and not become alarmed?  How do these parents sleep showing the picture of the little boy in the middle, top row, when they know the pictures on each side of the child are the real Trayvon Martin - he would scare me in the dark.  Just being honest, aka known as racist by those with little desire to be honest with themselves.