Saturday, July 28, 2012

Demons in A Nerd's Clothing

Aside from a striking resemblance, the similarities between Michael Skolnik ( and James Holmes (Mass Murderer) are difficult to deny.

Both Holmes and Skolnik:

  • May be possessed by Satan (ref.)
  • Think they're someone they are not - Michael thinks he's black, Holmes thinks he's a the Joker from batman.  
  • Obsessed with violence 
  • Think they are smarter than they actually are 
  • Are narcissists with a God complex
  • Look like sweaty-palmed nerds  
  • Will be remembered for inciting hatred
  • Speak psycho-babble 
It's really not surprising that Uncle Rush would hire someone like Skolnik as a political director (pray tell why a hip-hop mogul needs a political director?).  Skolnik once wrote: "What kinds of racist thoughts do we perpetuate that create fear and hatred?".  How rich is that when Skolnik's coverage of the Zimmerman case, not to mention hundreds of tweets, have been nothing short of blatant race-baiting.  An example of his propensity for evil showed up recently in an article he advertised on Twitter for the Global Grind, "The Problem with turning monsters into celebrities". I don't believe I've ever seen a more vile and litigious piece.

Someday soon we will learn of nut-jobs worshiping James Holmes and I suspect they will have a lot in common with the nut-jobs that one will find by clicking on Skolnik's twitter followers.  

James Holmes is off the street, but unfortunately it took killing 12 people for the world to recognize how dangerous he was.  What will it take for the world to see Skolnik for the self-serving, dangerous charlatan that he really is?  The death of Zimmerman's parents?  Zimmerman's wife?  George?


  1. Who ever came up with this sorry article, is sick, twisted individual, like James Holmes and George Zimmerman.... Both will rotten in prison....

  2. Good blog! Skolnik is the scum of the earth. And no, I don't think you will "rotten in hell" lol

  3. VLPate you are without a doubt one of the most ignorant racists ever to rear their ugly heads in this case. Your racism is only surpassed by your abject stupidity. This blog is a joke, it is incomprehensible that one person can distort so much.

    By the way, you're not fooling anyone, it's well known that you are also Bourbon at JusticeQuest, a joke among decent people. Seriously, get a life freak.

  4. Bourbon, huh? She must be one of the intelligent posters that all of the WS rejects hate and feel inferior to. If so, ok, I'm her! Laugh away at me.



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