Thursday, July 19, 2012

Trayvon Martin forced George Zimmerman to shoot him during vicious attack

George Zimmerman did an interview with Sean Hannity last night, that’s created a whole new narrative for Crump&Company “God told him to kill my child”, but more about that later.  George told Sean the same exact story he told police five times.  Of course the story was not verbatim, but how could anyone expect it to be when he was recalling events that happened while he was being attacked?  The important thing to remember, there are no major inconsistencies that would change the outcome or justify over-blown charges that should never have been filed.

Important FACTS to remember:
Trayvon was briskly walking toward his house at 7:12  and at 7:16, he was within only 25 yds of where George Zimmerman saw him take off between buildings.
Trayvon appeared out of nowhere and asked Zimmerman if he had a fucking problem.  I can tell you, that reading some of the tweets from people who defend Trayvon, this is most likely true.
Trayvon punched George in the face when George went for his phone.  We know he was on the ground alone because Austin Brown, the 13 year old witness saw him on the ground asking for help.
Trayvon got on top of George and held him down, obviously banging his head because photos and medical reports prove there were wounds.  Witness John SAW Trayvon on top of George.
George yelled for help over and over and no one would help him.  One would have to be void of any common sense to think that it was Trayvon, on top of George causing injury to his head and face, screaming for help. One police report stated it was George yelling 14 times.
George shot Trayvon at close range.  The shirt Trayvon was wearing was tested and the bullet hole in the shirt did not match up exactly with the bullet hole to his chest.  This would indicate Trayvon on top with his hoodie hanging down when the shot occurred, also backing up George’s statements.
These are the facts that matter.  Regardless of what George says about God or regret, the RELEVANT facts do NOT change.  I’m SICK of the spin being put on this and the media RARELY making mention of Trayvon beating George and preventing him from retreating.  That fact alone makes this case, at the very least, self defense.  Second Degree murder is grand standing on the part of Angela Corey.
The only fact that would change this from a Stand Your Ground case to a Self Defense case is if George threw the first punch, and we know from the evidence he did not.
It does not matter WHY Trayvon jumped George, it does not matter WHY George got out of his truck at 7:00 in the evening on his on property on a Sunday night or that he was carrying a concealed weapon that he was licensed to carry.  NONE of the above matters when it comes to the charges against Zimmerman.
Why did Trayvon attack him?  Why was he so mad?  Who cares anymore, the fact is, he did and no one is talking about it.
As for God’s plan – I can tell you unequivocally that if my daughter were attacked by a bored and ill-disciplined thug, fearing for her life and screaming for help, I would pray to GOD that she had a way to make it stop, I would pray she was carrying her gun.  If shooting her attacker was the only way out, so be it.  Thank you God.