Sunday, July 8, 2012

Benjamin Crump lies by not correcting his minions

Dick Gregory, a friend of Al Sharpton and Ben Crump, stood in front of thousands and told one outrageous lie after another.  He even suggests Trayvon's organs were going to be harvested because they kept him in the morgue for three days without informing the parents where he was.  

INSANITY and HATE speech.  Calling George a murderer over and over.  Listen here, please.

George Zimmerman said nothing during his first bond hearing that would bring perjury charges, but he lied by being silent while his wife lied to the court.

Benjamin Crump and Natalie Jackson have done this same thing countless times since minute one.  The talking head comments to one of them that George Zimmerman was allowed to leave the night of 2/26/2012 with his gun, and neither Crump nor Jackson correct this misinformation - even as they sit there being interviewed.  They lie outright, and they let others lie for them and they've had to endure no consequences from those lies.

But they are not lying to the Court, they will tell you, they are lying for the greater good (and the almighty dollar).

Benjamin Jealous, President of the NAACP lied irresponsibly and often, and never corrected.  
"He STALKED ASSAULTED & MURDERED a young man in cold blood" -- "he called police 46 times in 56 days"
The only person who has paid the consequences for their collective lies is George Zimmerman.  He does not deserve the lynching he's endured in the media.  MANY people have profited from this case, including a mother who didn't raise Trayvon, and a father with little to no moral compass (read my other blogs for an explanation).

Lying, money grabbing, race-baiting hypocrites 

Al Sharpton has never been one to shy away from just blatantly lying - which is what he did concerning the above at the Trayvon Martin Rally.  Standing behind him as he lies are Sybrina, Tracy, Natalie Jackson and Crump - none of them correct his untruth and it is repeated countless times:

"It's alright for the man to kill us, tell any story he wants, and walk out with the murder weapon."
Everyone on that podium, including the parents, KNEW this was not true

They do the same with tweets.  It's perfectly ok for these people to lie un-challenged for MONTHS and rake in money, but one lie by omission from Zimmerman and they are up in arms. 

For the record, the figure on the wepay account hasn't changed in months.  A new organization was started three months ago to take donations and Sybrina Fulton ("Sabrina" on legal papers), collects on her trademarked merchandise.  The following stands uncorrected, which means Crump is no better than Zimmerman for not setting this person straight. I contributed money on the wepay site that never showed up , just to test it.

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