Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Crump and His New Scheme Team - Mike Brown Shooting

I wanted to introduce you to the new lawyers flanking Mr. Benjamin Crumps side in his latest high profile case.  Anyone who reads here knows I have a bur on my hiney with Crump's name on it, and why.  If you do not read my blog regularly, then suffice it to say, if Crump is on the case there is a high probability that there is no case.  There's also the team he assembles.  In the Mike Brown shooting case he has assembled the following players (ongoing research - will be updated regularly):

Freeman Bosley Jr. Attorney for Eye Witness Dorian Johnson - Bosley almost had his license suspended for mishandling of legal fees in a person's trust, and then there was the trial ...
Former St. Louis mayor admits mishandling legal fees: ST. LOUIS • A state panel made it clear Monday that former St. Louis Mayor Freeman R. Bosley Jr., a lawyer, will face disciplinary action from the Missouri Supreme Court.
At a hearing here called by the Missouri Supreme Court’s Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel, Bosley admitted he mishandled clients’ funds through his law firm, Bosley & Associates.
Former STL Mayor Bosley gets delay in trial over alleged $78,000 debt:  Attorney and former St. Louis Mayor Freeman Bosley Jr. was back in court Tuesday — again as a defendant — in regards to a claim that his firm owes more than $78,000.
AT&T Advertising sued Bosley & Associates law firm in October 2011, claiming that the firm has not paid bills going back to 2007. The company is asking for $78,303.
Alderman Antonio French - you may not think this person is part of Crump's team, but I will wager, oh, I dunno, $38,000?  He is certainly all over this case.  Are there no City Council issues that has need his attention?
St. Louis Alderman Antonio French fined $38,000 for ethics violations: ST. LOUIS • The Missouri Ethics Commission has fined city Alderman Antonio French nearly $38,000 for a string of campaign finance violations, including using an improper bank account, commingling funds between his campaign account and his personal account, and using a personal PayPal account to raise campaign money.
UPDATE:  Antonio is holding an additional position today: