Thursday, August 7, 2014

False Statement arrest in Kendrick Johnson Case

Dalton Chauncey 

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - Dalton Ray Chauncey was charged Wednesday with providing false statements in the Kendrick Johnson death investigation.Almost three weeks ago, on Friday, July 18 Dalton Chauncey came to the Lowndes County Sheriff's Office and said he had been present during a conversation in which two people said that they caused the death of Kendrick Johnson in January, 2013.
 [snip]  Dalton Chauncey admitted that he had fabricated the story while at the home of friends in order to boast. Dalton Chauncey also clarified the two persons who he vaguely identified were fabricated and do not exist.

Interesting, no?  I am told law enforcement has had it with the false allegations toward persons living, dead, or otherwise fabricated.  Enough is enough.  If you think you are safe while posting libelous allegations on social media, which target people you just KNOW had something to do with Kendrick Johnson's death, think again.
It would be ever so helpful if you had a MURDER to begin with.

Accusing the Sheriff's department of covering up a murder...might want to stop it
Sheriff Prine expressed although the investigation of the death of Kendrick Johnson is closed, he continues to encourage citizens to contact investigators should they have information.