Friday, August 15, 2014

Michael Brown shot in Ferguson avoiding arrest for robbery and assault

Michael Brown - Ferguson, Missouri
Eighteen year old Michael Brown was shot in Ferguson Missouri on August 9, 2014 after, according to police, assaulting an officer and attempting to take his gun. Dorian Johnson was with Brown when the shooting took place.  Dorian has been all over the cable network news giving his version of events which I found confusing and hard to believe until today.  Now his version makes sense, but not at all the way he intended. [Link to information on shooting and witness Dorian Johnson]

Dorian Johnson's version of events:

Mr Johnson said that he and Brown were walking home from a store when the cop told them to get out of the street and 'get the f***' on to the sidewalk'.
  1. Johnson said they kept walking after explaining to the officer they were almost home. The officer then pulled his truck in front of them and blocked the road, Johnson said. 
  2. The friend said the officer threw open the door which slammed closed again after bouncing off Brown. It was then that the officer grabbed his friend by the neck.
  3. Johnson said the first time the officer fired, he and Brown got scared and ran away but he could already see that the teenager had blood coming down his shirt where he had been shot. 
  4. The 22-year-old ducked behind a car but Brown kept running. 
  5. 'He shot again, and once my friend felt that shot, he turned around and put his hands in the air, and he started to get down,' Johnson said.  
  6. The 22-year-old said: '[Brown] stopped, turned with his hands up and said ''I don’t have a gun, stop shooting!''
  7. 'But the officer still approached with his weapon drawn and fired several more shots.' 
  8. The eye-witness said despite the teenager's protests, the officer shot again, hitting Brown and leaving him on the ground. 
  9. Mr Johnson told the TV station on Tuesday that he ran in terror to his apartment and vomited, before checking he had not been shot.
  10. In Johnson’s version, the officer reached out of the car to grab Brown by the throat. I
Today a police report was released, along with a video from a convenience store that showed Michael Brown (accompanied by his friend Johnson), had robbed the clerk and assaulted him only moments before the police officer stopped them - apparently not for "jaywalking", but for being suspected in the "strong arm robbery" of the convenience store. CORRECTION: According to Chief Jackson, the officer did not know the two were suspects in the robbery. Regardless, the two men, Johsnon and Brown knew they were suspects in a robbery.  This, as I stated, makes everything come together and make perfect sense.  Johnson and Brown did not want to be arrested for the robbery they just took part in.  Brown, like he did with the clerk at the convenience store, wasn't going to be told what to do and went after the police officer and tried to take his gun.  Where did the cigarillos go that the pair took from the store?  See #9 above.
"We wasn't causing harm to nobody" said Dorian Johnson
Complete Video of Michael robbing convenience store (pay attention to how he "reaches in" and grabs what he wants from behind the counter:

Video released and reported on by Fox News. They do not show the assault...maybe afraid that would be "racist"?   This is the first I've heard the incident went into the back of the police car: