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De'Sean Pittman is a Hero to his family and friends

De'Sean Pittman 
De'Sean never got the "Hands UP, Don't Shoot" memo.  I am writing this today in an effort to show, from my and other's point of view, a culture of violence that somehow turns the death of a murderer into heroism -- a culture we, as white people, are expected to embrace and understand. Megyn Kelly explained white privilege to Bill O'Reilly a while back and mentioned one of the white privileges is "white flight". She explained that when blacks move into a neighborhood, whites move out.  Stories like De'Sean's happen at least 20 times a day, every single day, in cities all over America and are posted on the Internet, reported in the news and on countless blogs and online media outlets.  Every day, all day, we see images of black people committing ruthless crimes in their own neighborhoods- rarely do we see the black on white crimes in a National media setting, but we are aware of them.  Mostly we see white on black crime.  Why is it a "white privilege" to have the good sense not to want to feel unsafe where we live - whether the fear is justified or not, it is nonetheless subliminal.  As Benjamin Crump likes to say, "if the races were reversed, how would you feel"?  I've never heard of "black flight",  where black people flee a neighborhood when whites move in.

It is stories like the one below that completely invalidate the claims that the violence and crime is caused by poverty which is somehow linked to "white privilege and slavery.  Whether we say it out loud or in private, most whites call "bullshit".  That doesn't mean we are racist, that just means we can't empathize because the inaction and tendency to make excuses for our collective luck is not in our DNA.  We look forward, not backward, and there are very many whites who came from poverty, obstacles, and abuse.  That doesn't mean we feel we are better or superior, it just means we are made differently and, again, can't really empathize.  Most that say they do are just trying to get along and not be viewed as racist.  To be absolutely clear, I am not judging anyone, my point is, whether you work, don't work, choose to whine rather than better yourself is all on you, not the past, not slavery, not the whites or the "man"..just you.
Anthony Shahid - the epitome of  ignorance and race hustling
De'Sean's story of heroism, and countless others just like it, stem from excuses, enabling, and glamorizing the pandemic of violence that infect our cities like a cancer for which there is no cure.  The solution?  Black people need to stop being slaves to the rhetoric that they are somehow excused for the genocide they are committing against their own race.  The more whites are blamed for the slavery the biggest majority can't remember and had zero to do with, the more the black population will be on their own because white people, even the ones who say they do, can't, won't, and don't relate to this culture of violence and self-destruction. It's easier to throw money and promises at a problem, especially to manipulate and garner votes.

Like it or not, most people, including celebrities of color and the affluent blacks, do not really care about the poor black population's perceived and mostly politically and self-induced plight - and that includes all the shyster Civil Rights Lawyers and shady activists - if  black people aren't killed by cops, they go broke. If black people were not desperate for "hope and change", they might have seen a real difference in the past six years.  If the black population isn't perpetually desperate for a way out, corrupt politicians can't convince them to vote for them.  Many people have become rich because of the black plight, especially the media who pretend to care.  My ass, they care about the money - they made millions off the Michael Brown/Ferguson riots alone.  How much did the angry folks in Ferguson make? Save for the money that will be granted for rebuilding the looted and destroyed businesses, nothing. What will not be made as well in Ferguson, is change.  That's up to the individuals who live there because very soon the mooches and snakes will pack up and leave Ferguson in their rear view mirrors. Michael Brown will be just another black boy's name added to a political talking points list on Sharpton's show, and paraded out for donations at NAACP drives and NAN rallies.

An example (small scale but relative), of a self-serving politician is Alderman Antonio French.  He is all over the Mike Brown story and black people in Ferguson are kissing his feet.  He was recently appointed to the board of elections in his district.   I urge readers to go to and input Antonio French's name - you will, hopefully, be shocked and maybe not follow him and take his word for everything so blindly. Then look up the politicians next time there is an election before casting a single vote.  I'm quite sure I will be called a racist for this blog, but if you are familiar with my twitter, you know I don't care - the truth is more important to me and that is what I've told you here, hate me or not.  Black people disagreeing with me about the white stance is silly, you are just arguing about the same thing you accuse whites of arguing about, YOUR feelings and makeup.  Stop blaming, blame never rebuilt anything.  When you leave this world your eulogy will be about your contributions to your family and society, not about what was contributed to you.

The Story of De'Sean Pittman, starting with a tweet from his sister 

Two officers turned a corner after hearing gunfire and saw a man holding a gun and standing over someone who was on the ground, Camden said.
The man pointed it at police and one of the officers fired at him, Camden said.
The man was fatally wounded. He was identified this evening as Desean Pittman, 20, of the 7900 block of South Ingleside Avenue, according to the medical examiner's office.
Amelio Johnson, 22, who had been on the ground nearby also had a gun and had apparently been shot by Pittman standing near him, police said. Johnson was taken Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn in critical condition, where he was later pronounced dead, according to officials.
A crowd gathered around 7 p.m. Tuesday in the 7900 block of South Avalon Avenue in memory of Desean Pittman, a 17-year-old boy fatally shot by police in Chatham.
The Cook County Medical Examiner's Office reported his age as 20 at the time of the shooting, but Desean's family said he was 17.
The group gathered for the vigil allegedly turned against police when a woman pointed at an officer monitoring the group and yelled, "That's the rookie mother------ that killed him," prosecutors said Wednesday.
The crowd began to chant, "Kill the rookie," as some pelted police with candles and bricks, authorities said. People threw branches, bottles and other debris from the street while yelling "CPDK," which stands for "Chicago Police Department Killer," officials said.
At some point, a woman drove a Ford Escape into an officer, sending him to the hospital with a fractured leg. Two other officers also were hospitalized after they crashed their squad car heading to the melee, authorities said. [link]
Two comments on AnarchoAnon's selectively worded tweet:

De'Sean Pittman 
Before the night De'Sean took someone's life (rival gang member), and before he aimed his gun at a Chicago police officer, he was captured by friends in a metro bus video where he goes after another rival gang member (Alternate Link here):

De'Sean's Twitter

De'Sean's Sister

It's the fault of Police that he was killed though:

And Finally, thank you President Obama for "My Brother's Keeper" initiative, it seems to be growing legs:

Just FYI
MixxMobb - De'Sean's Gang
Opp - Opposition, opposing gang
Jakes - Cops