Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Death Penalty Sought in murder of IMPD Officer Perry Renn

Officer Perry Renn 

Death penalty sought in case of Major Davis II for murder of Police officer
INDIANAPOLIS - Prosecutors made it official Tuesday morning and made formal moves to pursue the death penalty against the man accused of shooting and killing an Indianapolis police officer.
Major Davis II, 25, is accused of fatally shooting Indianapolis police (IMPD) officer Perry Renn on July 25.
Last week, Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry said he planned to bring the death penalty to the table against Davis.
Curry said there were two aggravating circumstances qualifying Davis for the death penalty: It was the shooting of a law enforcement officer in the line of duty and a shooting motivated by the officer's actions.

Major Davis 
Officer Perry Renn was called to an alley behind a residence off 34th in Indianapolis  for "shots fired" on July 25, 2014.  When he arrived Major Davis II was standing with two friends, one of which was trying to convince Davis to put down the AK-47 he was hiding behind his back.  Major Davis and Perry Renn became engaged in a shootout and Officer Renn was killed.  Davis was pronounced dead at the scene, but brought back by emergency medical personnel in route to the hospital. [More Here]

The probable cause affidavit states that Davis fired rounds from an assault rifle at Officer Renn, who was responding to a call about shots fired that night.
Curry said over the last 18 months, there have been 22 instances of citizens firing on officers. By filing this death penalty case, Curry said he hoped to send a message.
"It is clear that there are those in our city who believe that our police officers are fair game. To those individuals, make no mistake. Make no mistake," Curry repeated. "We will prosecute you to the maximum extent possible under the law."
Curry cited two aggravating circumstances leading to the death penalty decision: that Davis killed Renn while the officer acted in the course of his duty; and that the murder was motivated by an act that Renn performed while acting out his duty as he responded to shots fired. [link]
The AK-47 used by Davis was purchased by his mother, Cynthia Davis.

The family of Major Davis Jr. speaks out about their son.
He (Officer Renn), should have just stayed in his car" said Davis' grandmother, "they could see he (Davis), had a gun.  The news outlet that aired this story should be ashamed.  There's no excuse.

Facebook comment on the above article:
"This story should be taken down immediately. Officer Renn's family should not have to read this after all they've been through. This family truly and utterly disgusts me. How they can paint themselves as victims is sick and twisted, and I hope one day they are enlightened enough to realize that in life people make choices, and there are consequences for those choices."

I concur 100%

June 3, 2003 - Officer Perry Renn is awarded the Medal of Bravery for preventing a man from committing suicide
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Davis family history with IMPD officers
Petition by Cynthia Davis asking IMPD to please stop harrasing their family.