Monday, August 6, 2012

You, Black and Angry - Me, White and Puzzled

Not only am I puzzled, I'm starting to get pissed.  What if this had been a black man in a white neighborhood?  Never mind, I already know, those five hustlers at the top of this page would be leading a million sheep hoodie man march through downtown Baltimore.

Unarmed white man beaten by mob of blacks

In the first video a very drunk white man makes the mistake of going into a very black neighborhood.  An uncivilized black neighborhood.  I've never actually seen anything close to this in my life, and I hope I never do.  People watch and cheer as this white man is beaten, robbed, mocked, ridiculed, and stripped.  For what?  Reparations?  Slavery revenge?  Please, help me understand this brutal and senseless attack on an unarmed white man.

Oh good, an explanation!  While I appreciate the indignity and I agree with these two, I have to wonder what rock they've been living under if they think this is an isolated incident.  Again, I appreciate their coming forward, I believe their anger.  Why didn't Sharpton admonish the group that beat this poor white man/ The main kid beating up on the guy is a hip-hop promoter.  HUGE surprise.

I love this guy, even when I don't agree with him.  He's being honest.  He does slip when he says the white guy should have known better than to go into a black neighborhood.  What does that tell you?  What does it tell me about blacks?  It tells me in groups, in their neighborhood, they are dangerous.  Even the explanation and assurances from two well meaning gentleman like those above, will not change my mind.

Again, not an isolated incident, they happen all the time.  What is up with the short tempers over small things that would be blown off by most?  I'm not so dense that I think this is isolated to African Americans, whites have short tempers too - sadly, they plot and plan and shoot up theaters.

Is it a chip on their/your shoulders?  Do some African Americans take everything as a slight or disrespect, like when kid accidentally splashing a drink or a 65 yr old greeter doing his job?  What about a Hispanic doing his job and duty as a good neighbor, watching the neighborhood, watching you?

In this video a woman is chased by the restaurant's off-duty manager because she cannot provide proof that her autistic child's dog is a legal service dog.  Watch what happens when the little boy gets spooked and drops his drink, splashing the cranky manager (ex-manager now).

The fries were cold, you get it, right?

Ok, in all fairness:

....and more fun at McDonalds....

The next video is too disturbing to embed the player, click at your discretion.  In this video a full grown man punches a little girl in the face because he thinks she cut in line at Mcdonalds.

WARNING GRAPHIC: McDonald's shooting