Friday, August 10, 2012

Sybrina and Tracy respond to "autopsy" photos being released

Problem is, there were no autopsy photos released.  That didn't stop the hack "Decider" at Global Grind from repeating the statement by the parents.  The Decider's true identity is not known (to me), but I always wonder if Francis Robles and said hack are one in the same.
"While it was an unfortunate mistake that the autopsy photographs of our son were released we appreciate the media and the public for not reproducing or publishing the photographs." Read more
What was released?  A grainy photo of Trayvon on the ground after he was shot.  I couldn't make anything out.  There have been more graphic photos released in the crime scene photos, like the watermelon juice on top of his dead body..

But don't let me be a pity-party-pooper - carry on.
UPDATE - Crump has tweeted another version of the parent's statement:
Statement Regarding Release of Crime Scene Photograph From Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, the Parents of Trayvon Martin "While it was an unfortunate mistake that the crime scene photograph of our son was released, we appreciate the media and the public for not reproducing or publishing the photograph."#TrayvonMartin
Crump re-words Martin Family Statement on photo of Trayvon's dead body 


  1. It's highly unlikely the Martins made the statement.

  2. Sybrina Fulton is a drama queen, she always has been. She love money and she love attention and don't get in the old girls way. Jahvaris is her boy, she wrote Tray off a long time ago. I know she hurt, but she don't hurt like the mama that raised him.


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