Friday, August 24, 2012

Zimmerman: More evidence released to defense

Trayvon Martin's cell phone records have finally been turned over to Mark O'Mara's office.  Why has it taken so long?  Weren't they the anchor for the State's case?  Benjamin Crump showed the records to ABC News and they were published online, supposedly in their entirety.  What is the big deal - he was a minor?  I don't see how that matters once Crump put them in front of the world, with the parent's permission.  Very puzzling, maybe someone with knowledge of this can give me a head's up.

Also today, de la Rionda handed over to O'Mara the most recent batch of state evidence, according to court paperwork.
It includes Trayvon's cell phone records, 217 photos from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, eight photos taken by a private investigator hired by Trayvon's family, Zimmerman's school records from Manasas, VA, and eight Seminole County Sheriff's Office incident reports from the night Trayvon was shot.
Most of those – not including the cell phone records – should become public in the next week or so.
What the hell is the deal with Zimmerman's school records?  If they are relevant, and this is going to be presented as self-defense, Trayvon's are very relevant!  Hopefully O'Mara is on top of this. Surely.

Other highlights from the article:
Photos released that were taken by a private investigator hired by the Martin family.  What would any photo after the fact have to do with the shooting?  Again, puzzled.  Were they out trying to dig up dirt on Zimmerman, as Natalie Jackson accused the defense of doing?

The article states Judge Lester refused to allow Zimmerman to move out of the County he currently resides in, but he can travel to Orange County in order to visit with his attorney.
Zimmerman's medical records will not be released as they are irrelevant to the case.
 Bernie De la Rionda is arguing something in his past medical history might explain some of Zimmerman's injuries - in other words, they're desperate.
An appeals court is still considering whether to boot Lester off the case. The state late yesterday filed a 26-page pleading, urging the Fifth District Court of Appeal to leave him in place.
Assistant Attorney General Pamela Koller wrote that Lester gave Zimmerman "a well-deserved tongue lashing" in a July 5 bond order in which the judge accused the defendant of manipulating the court system by failing to disclose that he and his wife had $130,000 and a spare passport.



  1. Here is the link to the Response filed by the Florida Attorney General to GZ's frivolous Petition for Writ of Prohibition:

  2. Thanks - I have it here as well.


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