Sunday, August 19, 2012

Frederick Leatherman - There's a reason he's not practicing law

Frederick Leatherman has been opining about the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case since about March.  For an ex-attorney, he is, at best, unethical and libels himself in almost every post he writes.  He's married to Rachel Ahmann Hazel-Rene-Brannen-Leatherman.  Her story is long and sordid and not what this blog is about.  This blog is about a man who did the world a favor by not renewing his license to practice law. His perception of innocent vs guilty is skewed.  Here is what he wrote about a man he defended in a potential death penalty case:

James Mayfield was in a hell of a jam when I was appointed to represent him by Magistrate Judge John Weinberg of the United States District Court for the Western District of Washington.
James was a private in the Army stationed at Fort Lewis. He was a polite and beautiful young African American man from a deeply religious Southern Baptist family in Beaumont, TX. He had never been in trouble with the law before. I remember his dark eyes pooled with tears and his soft and long slender fingers when I shook his hand for the last time.
I never found out how James, who was a regular church-goer at the time, hooked up with the two gangsters
For the last time, I shook hands with the beautiful young man with soft long slender fingers whose life incomprehensibly went off the rails one night during a murderous rampage with those hands that neither he nor anyone else will likely ever understand.
My heart was empty and cold as he turned and walked away.
My God! What have I become? I wondered.

This is how Leatherman describes a man, James Mayfield, who, along with two other men, took a machete and killed three children, the youngest 18 months old, in front of their father, and then killed him.  Story here


  1. More fuel for the Leatherman file. I have been doing some research on Fred. Everything about him is a fraud. His "professor" title is a lie, his circumstances surrounding the laughable law school he taught at: questionable, and let us not forget his unethical treatment of Darold Stenson. I am currently trying to get a hold of the webmaster at so I can get a better idea of why he surrendered his license, I am assuming he did so from threat of disbarment. I am going to expose this man for the fraud he is. Check out my story at

  2. Anon: It's funny that there are zero pictures on the Internet of this fine and distinguished attorney. There is only the one he provides, which looks familiar. He says he was never even looked at as regards the Stenson case - that would be wrong. He lied when he said his representation was not even looked into in the Stenson case: Washington Supreme court's finding on your mishandling of the Stenson case … and

  3. The man Leatherman defended was the getaway driver for this heinous act.He didn't participate in the actual murders.This is a terrible attempt to attack Mr.Leatherman's character.You and the poster above basically have nothing on this man but lies.Alittle research clearly shows how false your allegations are.

  4. Yes he did participate in the act. Why do you think he was going to get the death penalty? Also, lol, why would they need a "get away" driver when all the witnesses are dead? He procured the car they used, that is true - and then he helped kill those children with his "long, slender, black fingers and a machete. I've done plenty of research Mr. Leatherman, I'll be posting more soon.

  5. V.Pate:Being the getaway driver,yes getaway driver does count as participating or acting in concert and be subject to the death penalty depending on the severity of the charge.He didn't actually stab,hack,or maim anyone that night.

  6. Anon., yes he did. Read the case and try not to appear so dense. No one gets the death penalty for driving a getaway car.... seriously. Headline reads "3 Men Plead Guilty To Killing Man, Sons"

    Three men, not two. Three plead guilty to murder, not two for murder and one for driving.

    "Damien Loren Jackson, 21, Gregory Clifford Paige, 25, and James Dominique Mayfield, 24, pleaded guilty to first-degree murder charges before U.S. District Judge Robert Bryan, the U.S. attorney's office said."

    Hey, I just finished another blog you might be interested in...

  7. V.Pate, "anonymous" is actually Frederick Leatherman posing as a "follower". The man is a lunatic or rather king of the internet trolls on line today.


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