Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Aazis Richardson murders Cab driver - Says, "Fu** 'em" to his family

Victim Vincent Darbenzio and his confessed murderer  Aazis Richardson
I will be accused of being racist for, once again, posting a story about black crime. In fact, I was called racist last night for even bringing this story up on twitter.  This is not just a black crime, this is a horrific, inhumane act of blatant and admitted indifference to human life.  This story has barely made the news, much less the National news, and I feel it is important because of the attitude of this confessed murderer whose words to the victim's family were, "fuck 'em".

I've had to dig for the past hour just to find anything other than the initial five paragraph story.  Why am I posting this instead of the California spree killing that happened around the same time?  Because it's been done, there's nothing I can tell you that would be newsworthy at this point.  When something that big happens, the best of the best get to the bottom of it in record time.  This story is different.

The story of Aaszis Richardson's brutal and uncalled for murder of  Vincent Darbenzio should be news because there is something very unsettling going on with some teens who kill -- they have zero remorse.  It is as if they feel entitled to kill if they feel disrespected in any way, real or simply perceived.

Aazis asked his neighbor, Nicole Lee, or someone using Nicole Lee's phone,  to call him a cab on the evening of  May 23, 2014.  She later called and canceled the cab.  A while later she called the cab company back and asked for the cab again.  A cab arrived driven by Mr. Darbenzio.  On the way to their destination Aazis, according to his story, told Mr. Darbenzio to pull over - he said he was upset because he thought the cab driver was not listening to his shortcut advice - Aazis felt the driver was trying to take advantage of him by taking a longer route.  So, he shot Mr. Darbenzio in the head twice and dug $500 out of the dead man's pocket.  According to early press reports, police traced the calls for his cab back to a cell phone belonging to Aazis' neighbor.  Aazis was found hiding in the attic.  He was arrested and charged with three counts of murder.  Other news stories report Aazis was a member of the "Boyon Boys", an affiliate gang of the "Bloods".  Aazis is also a witness in a triple homicide in New Jersey - he was released on bond when he committed the murder of Mr. Darbenzio.

This teen's interview, during his perp walk, will give you chills.  I heard something different than the news publications and CNN.  See if you hear anything about "white guy die".  One blog author agrees with my hearing as well as a few followers on Twitter (some heard the alternative, "My homies die, everybody gotta die") -- I hear "white guy die".  If I and a few others are right, then this is a hate crime as well.  Hopefully this video tape will be enhanced by the prosecution to be certain of what was said.  Vincent Darbenzio leaves behind two young boys.

UPDATE: HLN has apparently covered this case to a degree (video) Joey Jackson actually called Aazis a thug....I'm shocked.
Probable cause and criminal filing Aazis Richardson
Facebook page for Vincent Darbenzio.


  1. A truly UGLY THUG.....with zero moral
    compass or even an effin' clue what that means!

  2. Honest debate is welcome...mean and blatant racist remarks will be removed.

  3. this guy is despicable and i am absolutely disgusted. however, he said everybody gotta die. i'm 100% positive. i dont think there's a "hate" crime here - there's purely a blatant disregard for life. i dont care if he's 16 - lock him up for life.


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