Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Kenneth and Jacquelyn (Jackie) Johnson vs Lowndes County Board of Education

The (frivolous), lawsuit filed on May 13, 2014, by Chevene King, Attorney for the parents of Kendrick Lamar Johnson.  Not unlike a frivolous lawsuit King filed by Attorney King back in 2004 which cost him over $90,000.00 -- which has yet to be paid (as far as I can tell).

More on the Kendrick Johnson Case



  1. They sue the funeral home. They sue the school system. But they don't sue the students "directly responsible" for KJ's death? That makes no sense at was an accident(!) and these parasites are only interested in 1 thing: $$$. If they are so certain about what happened, they should show their cards and let the chips fall where they may. The Johnson Family has no shame.

  2. How typical of this immoral, criminally-minded, unlawful and aggressively offensive family of grifters. ---Damn straight I'm talking about the Johnsons!!

  3. Naturally the Queen of "Blacks are NEVER's those demonic white folk!!", Xena, is trumpeting this absurd lawsuit on her Blackbutterfly blog. For someone who FREQUENTLY touts how supremely intelligent she is (eye roll).....she sure missed the mark on this one!!! Her disgusting arrogance and racism all but assures that she will NEVER dare to explore the true, solid and unmistakable facts of this case of ACCIDENTAL death.

  4. To anyone and everyone with negative comments about KJ and the Johnson family, regardless of what you think are feel about the situation. This is July 18, 2014 I have been keeping up with the case the truth is already coming out. The family should do whatever it take to get piece of mind and to find out what happened to their son. It's their right that's why we have CIVIL RIGHTS. Some parents actually love their kids, GOD BLESS

  5. The family needs to go back to work, accept that their son made a poor decision that day (accident) and stop accusing white people of killing their son. The last video that shows KJ running in the gym has black kids in the video but the Johnson's would never accuse a black kid. This just proves that this is a race hoax. The truth will be revealed and the Johnson's will lose all of their lawsuits and might find themselves part of other lawsuits for filing frivolous lawsuits and defamation.


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