Monday, August 5, 2013

Meet Darryl Sharpton, Al Sharpton's Brother

 Al Sharpton - six degrees of separation..

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I don’t know if you were aware of this, but you’ve got a pretty famous uncle. How close were you to the Rev. Al Sharpton growing up, and what kind of influence has he had on you?
“Growing up, people always were like, ‘Are you related to Al Sharpton? Are you related to Al Sharpton?’ My parents told me I was, and later on in my life, I actually got to see him a lot more because he traveled a lot and came down to Miami. So I would see him when he came down and we would speak, and he would tell me that he was very proud of me and that he loves me. I met the whole family, and I stay with them whenever I go to New York. He’s been a great guy, a great role model, and obviously he’s very, very famous in many circles, so he’s definitely been a good role model for me, as have my dad and my mom and everybody that’s in my family. I’m just very appreciative of my family as a whole and for them always being there for me.”

Darryl went on to play for the Houston, Texans.  

His father is Darryl K. Sharpton.  

Darryl K. Sharpton
Selected to Chair Public Health Trust
Darryl K. Sharpton, CPA/ABV was selected to serve as chair of the Public Health Trust Board of Trustees (PHT) at its organizational meeting on June 3. This follows a two-
year commitment as vice chair of the Financial Recovery Board (FRB). The Jackson Board has returned to its traditional name, PHT, following a two-year assignment, which helped lead Miami-Dade’s public health system out of a crisis. Darryl Sharpton was unanimously elected as the new chair during the organizational meeting. “I am proud to be chosen as chairman,” he said.“The Jackson Board is committed to promoting a future of successful growth, while holding fast to our proud legacy of delivering a single, high standard of care to everyone in Miami-Dade County.” A native of Louisiana, Sharpton has been a resident of Miami-Dade County since 1979. He is a graduate of Florida State University where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting. Sharpton brings substantial experience in accounting and business consulting to the helm of the board. He is president/CEO and managing partner of Sharpton, Brunson & Company.

The National Action Network [NAN] was founded in 1991 by the Rev. Al Sharpton and became effective at New Birth Cathedral International in August, 2012. Your membership will help to build an organizational “support base” around family and community “before” an emergency occurs relative to civil rights issues. <snip>"....officers include: Bishop Victor T. Curry, president; Rev. Alphonso Jackson, first vice; Kishasha B. Sharp, second vice; Darryl K. Sharpton, CPA/ABV; D’Juana C. Miller-Brown, assistant treasurer; and Traci E. Boyd-Smith, secretary.
Some of the participants included: Rev. Leopold Frade; Rev. George W. Sands; Rev. Father Samuel J. Browne; Rev. Father Terrence A. Taylor; Dr. Gershwin Blyden; Congresswoman Frederick S. Wilson; Sen. Oscar J. Braynon, II;"
Now who, you are probably asking, is George W. Sands? Remember the Aviation school Trayvon attended that made him want so badly to be an aviator/pilot/mechanic?

George Sands is listed as a Vice Principal with the Miami Dade School system of which Baker Aviation school is a part.

Sybrina Fulton, mother of Trayvon Martin, has a sister, Stephanie Fulton (Sands), who was married to Gregory Sands - I have no idea whether or not George is related.

Darryl K. Sharpton, a Miami accountant, who is on the slate of 25 Republican elector candidates pledged to vote for Governor Bush, of Texas, said, ''I'm on pins and needles waiting for the final results'' of the recount of the popular vote in Florida.
Asked if he would consider supporting anyone other than Mr. Bush in the Electoral College, Mr. Sharpton said: ''Absolutely not. No way.''