Sunday, August 4, 2013

Corey Indicts the Grand Park Gang on RICO Charges

A very odd press conference announcing Rico charges for a gang that has been killing and terrorizing since 2008. Very little preparation.  Is Angela trying to woo her white contingency?

This is a very confusing case - especially listening to the prosecutor's office explain it.  Seems like they are trying to blow Corey's horn. Otherwise, this is one of the strangest Pressers I've heard.
Grand Park's 'Casualties of War': From friends to rivalsCarlos Clemons dove to the floor of his friend’s Jacksonville home as 30 blasts from two assault rifles ripped through windows, walls, doors and bodies.
Photo Gallery:
View photos of the key players, the suspects, the victims, the deceased and the area where the crimes took place.
The attackers vanished in their white pickup as Clemons looked up to see his baby brother slumped in a chair. Bryan Clemons, 23, never had the chance to duck.
Clemons, 29, stared into his brother’s lifeless eyes, screamed for help and carried him outside as an ambulance raced toward them. Death won out in Grand Park that night in April 2009.
A target and triggerman himself, Carlos Clemons lost a brother five months earlier during a two-year stretch of violence that also claimed an uncle and several friends.
As in many of those cases — some solved, most not — the people involved knew each other well in the same working-class neighborhood.
The above was written in 2010 - I imagine there have been many more murders since then.  Will update.