Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Suspect Questioned in Stabbing assault - Natasha Martinez

Huge kudos to the NYPD, they've made an arrest in the Natasha Martinez stabbing case.

SMan suspected of stabbing 17-year-old Natasha Martinez (credit: NYPD)

Daily News A gang member wanted for repeatedly stabbing a Queens, N.Y., teen in front of her building last week has been arrested, police sources said Monday.
The victim, Natasha Martinez, 17, had just finished her shift at McDonald’s and was steps from reaching her apartment building in Woodhaven when she was stabbed 11 times on July 29.
Martinez had to have her spleen removed.
The suspect, a Latin Kings member, was picked up by the violent felony squad.
Martinez told police that she had an argument with someone in a gang before the stabbing. The victim is not a member of a gang and has no arrest record.