Thursday, August 1, 2013

Video: George Zimmerman gets pulled over in Texas

George Zimmerman was allegedly pulled over in Texas last week. This is allegedly the video.  I say allegedly because I don't know of a cop that would not ask the driver to step out when he is told there is a gun in the car.  In fact, this cop leaves the driver and the gun in the car while he checks on said driver's warrants, etc.,.  Also notice that the truck stops directly in front of the highway sign.  I don't know, could be a different George Zimmerman or just a very trusting highway patrol.  I have not been able to confirm either way. 

One of my followers tweeted me just a few minutes ago about my questioning the cop not asking George to exit the car, so I did a bit of research.  I found the following information on a cop forum - I stand corrected.  
Excerpt of a forum comment by a Texas Cop: Next thing up is the most important part. Put your hands on the top of the steering wheel and leave them there. After the officer's introduction and statement of your violation, explain to him you are carrying a weapon and WHERE it is located.... with your hands still on the top of the steering wheel. I'm pretty sure you will have a discussion about the weapon and he will tell you exactly what he wants you to do. Do not go for your driver's license, insurance, registration, carry permit or anything without telling the officer what you doing and where it is located.
The officer may feel more comfortable asking you to exit the car so be prepared. Again, don't do anything on your own, he will tell you what he wants and when to do it.