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Who is really "covering up" a murder in Valdosta?

There are always things you look for when a story doesn't make sense and people start yelling "racial injustice" when no facts support the allegations...Al Sharpton is one of those things to look for.
Lying by omission, otherwise known as exclusionary detailing, is lying by either omitting certain facts or by failing to correct a misconception

UPDATE 4/07/2014 (see end of blog) Less than 48 hours after Kendrick Johnson's body was found, his older brother was involved in a murder in Valdosta, Georgia.  You've not heard this? 
On January 11, 2013, the body of Kendrick Lamar Johnson, 17, was found in a rolled up cheer leading mat in the gym at Lowndes High School in Valdosta, Georgia.  If you are not familiar with Kendrick's story, please input "Kendrick Johnson" into the search feature here, or choose from several at the end of this blog. 

Kendrick thought he could retrieve his tennis shoe from inside a cheer leading mat, where he sometimes stored them, and make it to his next class on time.  Tragically, he misjudged.  Kendrick got stuck inside the mat and was not able to get out.  He died of positional asphyxia and his body was found 18 hours later by students in the gym.    

The Sheriff told the family there was no foul play suspected and they were still investigating, but the family didn't believe them, not even for one minute.  It didn't help that some student allegedly wrote a facebook post, "when you start messing with goons, bodies start showing up". Other students threatened the person who wrote the facebook post (FB post was never substantiated)
Members of the Johnson family went after the student who allegedly wrote the alleged post and "pistol whipped" him - Kenyetta Johnson, Kendrick's sister was there and participated, along with other family members, but the victim refused to press charges.  Just a few hours later, at approximately 4:00 am on January 13, 2013, a man was murdered, shot in the back of the head, and Kendrick Johnson's brother,  **"Mike" Green was involved.  This has been covered up and kept quiet by the media. Why? This seems pretty significant when you consider Jackie Johnson's son helped to kill a man and got off with 10 years probation - imagine how the poor mother feels who lost her son because MAYBE Jackie Johnson and her family couldn't accept her own son's death was an accident.  
From KJ's obituary: "Left to mourn his loss is his loving and devoted parents: Kenneth Johnson Sr. and Jacquelyn Johnson; three brothers: Ervin Robinson, Kenneth Johnson Jr., and Jeremiah Green all of Valdosta, Ga.; two sisters, Sierra Johnson of Savannah, and Kenyetta Johnson of Valdosta;"
The following are posted on public facebook pages as of this writing:
Facebook post from October 2013 on Mike Green's page

Mike Green
2013 has been one hell of a year for me lost my lil bruh KJ. in and out of jail all year got hit by a car but I still stand strong will not let anyone or anything bring me down. I promise to myself and everyone next year is goin to be different!!!
UPDATE:  For the first time, Jackie indicates "Mike" is one of her children.

*** (see update)"Jeremiah" Green is aka Michael Green Jr., Kenneth is also referred to as Mike throughout his facebook.  Michael Green Jr. and his friends, Andrew Casey and  Radcliffe Eady, went to a convenience store owned by Andrew Casey's Aunt Dorothy and got into a confrontation with Pierre Bradley, someone the family knows, but the connection to him is unclear.  They are all friends, including the entire Johnson family, on Facebook.

 Andrew Casey Trial: The events that led to Bradley’s death (January 13, 2013), began with a scuffle between Bradley and a man who approached him in the parking lot of the store while holding a gun. Michael Green, 24, handed Radcliffe Eady, 24, a .45 caliber handgun before Eady began a physical altercation with Bradley, said Cathy Helms, assistant Southern district attorney.
Eady fled during the fight, and Bradley went inside the store yelling and waving the gun. It was then that Casey walked up behind Bradley, and with the gun in his right hand, placed the muzzle against the back of his head and fired one shot, according to testimony given during the trial. Eady later returned to the store to retrieve the handgun Bradley had taken, Helms said. (the one that Michael Green had handed to Eady)
Eady has since pleaded guilty to aggravated assault, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and tampering with evidence and received a 20-year sentence with five years to be served in jail.

Green pleaded guilty to aggravated assault as a party to a crime and received 10 years probation.  (Emphasis mine) [LINK]

Pierre Bradley, 24, murdered -  leaves behind three small children
 January 15. 2013 - Suspects arrested: At approximately 4:15 a.m. Sunday, Jan. 13, Valdosta police and emergency-medical personnel were dispatched to the Troup Street establishment in response to a shooting. Bradley was pronounced dead, shot once in the back of the head, authorities said.
 Valdosta police investigators had suspects by Sunday evening and had all suspect names by Monday, Childress said. The three suspects were arrested Tuesday and were all in the Lowndes County Jail Tuesday afternoon.
Memorial Video for Alfred Pierre Bradley.  Intresting that a "Justice for KJ and Solo" (Pierre) was made only 3 days after Bradley's death and 5 days after KJ's death...See video at 3:18.

Dorothy Brinson Facebook (Dorothy is Andrew's Aunt and the owner of the convenience store/pool hall where this murder occurred)
Among her friends are: Andrew Casey, Jackie Johnson, Kenyetta Johnson, Mike GreenRadcliff Eady, and the murder victim, Pierre Bradley.

"Playmaker" is Ervin Playmaker Robinson, NuNu is Kenneth Johnson Jr., both mentioned in KJ's obit as KJ's brothers and Kenyetta his sister. Note the date and how far they go back.  Radcliff(e) was convicted on charges stemming from the murder of Pierre Bradley.

 with Kenyetta Choppa Johnson and Ervin Playmaker Robinson.
Share · March 16, 2010

Andrew Casey throwing signs behind the glass
Why hasn't this story been reported on CNN or any main stream media?

Mike Green was arrested again in June, 2013 and was still not put away.  
Valdosta, GA- A simple traffic stop along Myrtle Street in Valdosta led to the arrest of one man on a number of drug charges. Police stopped 23-year old Michael Green... More
UPDATE and retraction 4/7/2014
Kenyetta Johnson wrote on her facebook today that Jeremiah Green is her six year old brother.  I stand corrected.  Mike Green is Michael Green - nevertheless, her brother.

Kenyetta also says she was not there the night the kid was pistol whipped...but she was, it's in the police report.

UPDATE 417/2014 Solo's mother is Keisha Moore, Jackie Johnson's sister...which would make Mike Green Solo's cousin.  It fits..but I can't say for sure the following tweet is connected to the murder of Pierre Bradley

Update 4/09/2015 - Mike Green and "NuNu", aka Kenneth Johnson Jr. in a photo together.

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  1. This family trynna say white kids murdered they son and they forget they own son helped murder someone's child and then they high fivin up on facebook. I bet that poor kid family hate the Johnsons and their thug kids when they see them on the street ever day in they lawn chairs demanding justice for KJ, knowin they own son was shot down like a dog and he had three babies. There's a tribute to Pierre on youtube somewhere where he says to take care of his kids if somethin happen to him.

    I pity any mother who lose her kid, but Jacy gotta be right and have the same respect for Pierre's momma, eexpecially since your son helped to kill him and then snitch on the other two so he can get off easy and hide this shit from the media.

    Nunu ain't no better. He and his cousin was doin home invasions a few years back, jackin migrant workers and illegals of they money and what little stuff they had in they houses. They know the illegals won't say shit, but they hit some that did.

    Nunu still out with the rest of these bullshit ghetto thugs, cvc, hansumduck bullshit. They need to take a seat and please stop breeding like fucking rabbits.

    Who ever wrote this you ain't made all the connections yet. Hanzum wrapped in this shit tight.

    I know these people so don't come with bullshit if you comin.


  2. How did you get the prison picture? I think that's against the law or prison rules. These people have no respect for anyone or anything, especially laws and rules.

  3. You know as well as i do that that climbing inside a rolled up gym is bull know that kid was obviously beaten to death. I going to assume you are not that stupid.

  4. The writer stated people are less inclined to believe everything they are told..but you expect us to believe what you are writing and a crooked coroner, who did an autopsy from the back to take organs, why not the front like other autopsies?). Maybe the brother was involved in a murder, maybe the family isn't perfect, but KJ was MURDERED. Why don't you demonstrate that gym mat thing for us, your hypothesis. Lets see if you get stuck reaching for a shoe. Be sure to use the same gym mats.


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