Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Does Attorney Benjamin Crump advocate violence toward law enforcement?

Jonathan Burrs, Real Justice Now
Benjamin Crump is holding yet another rally for the family of accident victim Kendrick Johnson.  The family refuses to believe Kendrick's death was an accident and have jumped on the Grievance Industry bandwagon.

Real Justice Now, a facebook activist page and ardent supporters of the Johnson family,  "shared" this violent message:

The time is long overdue to meet force with force and aggressively engage the culture of corruption in law enforcement and government agencies across the United States. Time to speak the language law enforcement understands because they won't stop until they experience and feel the sting of the same violence and aggression they bestow on unarmed law abiding citizens!

As Attorney Crump always says, "Imagine if the races were reversed in this situation...."

Obviously, since Attorney Crump has invited one of the administrators of Real Justice Now, Jonathon Burrs, to speak at his rally, he encourages the language and sentiment of the above post.  A quick google search for Burrs shows a guy who has tried to fake being a Republican (IMO) in order to win a Mayoral election in Hagerstown, MD.  Shades of Paul McKinley.

Thanks to TS for her help!