Friday, December 6, 2013

Robert Battle - Beat Child to Death - Acquitted

Briyonna Jean-Noel - From her mother's facebook - Shavon has since had another baby girl.
This is a story from 2002 I found while researching something else.  It is old, but hang in there for the ending...I know you will be as outraged as I am right now.

Mom Arrested In Child's Death June 21, 2002 
Police arrested a woman Thursday because they said she ignored warnings that she not leave her child with her boyfriend, who is accused of beating the baby to death.
The 21-year-old mother, Shavon Greene, surrendered to police and was charged with aggravated manslaughter of a child.
"She's instrumental in the child's death," said Miami-Dade Police Detective Ed Munn. "She disregarded the advice of [the Department of Children & Families] and the child died as a result."
Despite warnings from a DCF investigator, Greene dropped off 21-month-old Briyonna Jean-Noel on June 5 with her boyfriend, Robert Battle, so the two could spend time together. Three days later, Briyonna was dead. Police charged Battle with first-degree murder and aggravated child abuse in the fatal beating that lacerated the baby's liver and pancreas and caused massive internal bleeding.
Briyonna's mother dropped the girl off at Battle's home on June 5 so he and the toddler could "spend time with each other because they never get to see each other and that's the only daddy she has," Greene told the investigator, according to the case file.
Battle told the police the girl started vomiting June 6, but he had not sought medical care for her. About 7 a.m. on June 8, Battle called Greene to tell her he'd had a bad dream about their future. They prayed together over the phone, and she told him to awaken Briyonna. When he returned to the phone, he said he kissed the girl and she felt cold, according to the file.
An autopsy revealed Briyonna suffered from a lacerated liver and pancreas as well as massive internal bleeding.
Battle has since been charged with first-degree murder and aggravated child abuse.
Robert Battle Acquitted by a jury
Shavon Greene's case was dismissed.  A baby dead, beaten to death, and no one is punished.  Not one media outlet picked up the acquittal when it happened.  Robert Tyrone Battle lives in Miami with his mother.  He wasn't the father, by the way.

No T-shirts, no buttons - her entry at find-a-grave is a just a grave stone.  It's like she never existed save for the one picture her mama posted on face book without her name.

 BATTLE   ROBERT   TYRONE   B   M   10/05/1981