Monday, December 2, 2013

Man stabs his pregnant girlfriend while she's on the phone with 911 (Frank Defulgentis)

Frank Defulgentis
Pregnant woman's chilling 911 call as she is being attacked. A male's voice is heard asking if she needs help and then the dispatcher hears the woman moaning as she is being stabbed.

She had been stabbed — at least 12 times — and as she ran away from her boyfriend to escape the attack, she grabbed his cell phone and called for help.
But before she could speak with a dispatcher, the Sheriff's Office said, her boyfriend Frank Defulgentis snatched the phone and continued his attack.
Defulgentis was apparently mad because the woman told him she had decided not to move in with him the following weekend as they had planned.
The woman, who is six months pregnant, told deputies that Defulgentis began stabbing her in his bed because he was upset that she wasn't moving into his house that weekend as planned.
The woman said she hoped Defulgentis' roommate would hear her screams and come to her aid.
Defulgentis was arrested one year ago, also: Accusations: November 18, 2012 Sarasota, Florida -  Statute 784.045(2) - Aggrav Battery Commit Aggravated Battery

The gutless roommate, Glen Finnerty, told deputies he heard the woman screaming, but his ass was afraid to come out of his bedroom. He looked out of his bedroom door, saw blood everywhere and closed his door and locked it.  What a guy - what a gutless wonder... couldn't aid a woman and her unborn child, even though, according to his speed dating profile:

Glen Finnerty
"Hobbies / Interests / Activities: My schedule is very busy at times, so when I get time I like to workout and stay in shape. I lift weights and run 5-6 days a week. 
More About Me: I take care of everyone I'm around and make them feel special and important because they are!
Works out 5-6 times a week but hid in his room like a little girl when a woman was calling for him to help save her life.  Ladies, if you are doing your due diligence and performing a background check on Glen - there you have it, he's a tool.

More about Frank Defulgentis 

Frank Defulgentis
He is a poet, apparently.
1st Tuesday @ Tatame w/Guest Frank DeFulgentis and Open Mic

Death is in my coffee Paperback - very eerie poem written
by Frank Defulgentis  2012:
About the Author
Frank DeFulgentis studied psychology at the Richard Stockton College of NJ and Automotive Technology at Universal Technical Institute.  He currently visits many poetry venues in the Orlando area and also runs a metal meetup group where he helps promote local bands and venues.

From another site, part of his bio reads:
If you could have a gallery of your art anywhere in the world, where would you choose to have it, and why?
I would like to see my books in places where people could most benefit from them: shelters, detention centers, hospitals, schools.. especially, anywhere where people are suffering from tragedy/loss and are working hard to overcome their past.

On this same site, a poem, Childless:


it is hard to

find happiness

in the dictionary

when you

don’t know

how it’s spelled

hard to defeat


hard when

you have tried

every solution

no need for a

family tree

when you are


there is

no need

to be anything

but your past

better think fast

never wanted


as bad as


to call my own

when you’re


you are alone

like you

never existed

time needs a way

to leave

your memory behind


life is good..

then you die