Saturday, December 7, 2013

Professor Charles Ogletree and Sybrina Fulton at Harvard...mystery solved

Sybrina Fulton more animated than we are used to - Harvard, 2013
I've been puzzled for a month or so at Sybrina Fulton's trip to Massachusetts to speak to Harvard law students..but not really interested enough to research the mystery until today when I was sent the video of that speech (below). What piqued my interest most was why anyone felt these students would be interested in Sybrina Fulton's story. Sadly, she's just one of countless mothers who have lost their teenage son(s) to violence. 

Her story, when you take away the hyperbole, is not special. Why was she at Harvard comparing her son to these law students? Not that they are better, it's just that they would have zero in common with Trayvon Benjamin Martin. Obviously being at Harvard is something they worked hard to accomplish - it is doubtful they can relate to a young man who found doing drugs, stealing jewelry, and fighting a priority over school. The Trayvon Martins of the world are who these kids are afraid of. This speaking tour, as I first thought, is a joke. So, what the hey? How and why did this happen? I found the answer in the host, Professor Charles Ogletree.

Charles Ogletree with Illinois Senator Barrack Obama 2008
Ogletree has previously worked as a clerk for Supreme Court Justice, Thurgood Marshall, helped draft the constitution of South Africa,  and has represented both Clarence Thomas accuser, Anita Hill and rapper Tupac. He was also a very influential figure in both Barack and Michelle Obama’s life as he taught both of them. (source
“During an Oct. 25 panel discussion on race at Harvard, this top Barack Obama adviser said the U.S. should still be considered a racist nation even if the Illinois Senator is elected to the White House because Obama ‘happens to be biracial.’ So even if a majority of Americans vote for him, it won’t count.
(2008) Ogletree, a Harvard law professor, will likely be the Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Civil Rights Division during the upcoming Obama Administration. He has attracted controversy in the past for plagiarism and his association with Al Sharpton.  He is a leading proponent of race-based reparations.
Well, there you have it.  Two degrees of separation from the man who could have been Trayvon's father...Barrack Obama.  Mystery solved.