Wednesday, June 5, 2013

"We" didn't ruin Trayvon Martin's reputation, we exposed your fantasy

Many months ago law enforcement leaked documents pertaining to Trayvon Martin's school records.  Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, Trayvon's parents were marching around the Country to have George Zimmerman arrested for the killing of their son.  Benjamin Crump, the family attorney, was telling the crowds of thousands about arrests (not convictions), in George Zimmerman's past.  "They lied to these parents and told them George Zimmerman had a clean record, he did not!".  They were all sanctimonious about it too.

Meanwhile, the truth about the little boy in the red shirt was coming out.  He had been suspended from school three times in five months.  The last suspension was for ten days.  This incident involved the Miami Dade School Police.  Documents here

While on the march circuit, Sybrina learned of this leak that she likely figured the family publicist, Ryan Julison, had taken care of.  Benjamin Crump said the parents had never heard about the bag of jewelry and that it was completely irrelevant to what happened on February 26.  Highly unlikely since Tracy Martin initially said his son was suspended for being in an unauthorized place at school - if he knew that, he knew about the jewelry because he was suspended for the grafitti at the same time the jewelry and burglary tool were found (see report above).  

"The only comment that I have right now is that they've killed my son and now they're trying to kill his reputation," Sybrina Fulton
I am assuming "they" means the white folks.  "We" didn't kill her son, he assaulted a man and the man shot him in self defense.  "We" didn't ruin his reputation, the truth ruined the fantasy reputation that Sybrina and Tracy shoved down the public's throat for months.  Trayvon was not 12 and he was not an honor roll student.  The aviation dream was a one week camp.  All the college emails in the gmail account that was supposedly hacked by the KKK were letters ALL junior and senior high school students receive prior to graduating.  Trayvon had little hope of getting into any college with his attendance and subsequent bad grades.

In the past few weeks Trayvon's text messages from the phone he was carrying the night he was killed were released.  Further proof that Trayvon was headed in a very dangerous direction.  Guns, drugs, fighting - and a yet to be confirmed picture of an underage female.

When Trayvon wasn't suspended, he was skipping school.  Did this mean he deserved to be killed?  None of the above means that at all -- but George didn't deserve to be assaulted and risk brain damage had he allowed the unrelenting beating to continue.

Trayvon's high school friends hardly acknowledged Trayvon's passing, sadly.  One girl commented: "I wonder wat dat boi had got hisself into".

As for George Zimmerman - they've ruined his reputation and now they are trying to ruin his life.  I'll let Trayvon tell you how I feel about that....