Sunday, June 30, 2013

How many Witness #8's are there in the Zimmerman case?

Who is Witness #8 and who was Trayvon's Girlfriend?

Updated 7/20/2013: Added Al Sharpton interview to compare.  It seems the voice on the first interviews are not matching up to Miss Rachel Jeantel.  What do you think?

Clear interview posted by ABC - unlike the garbled interview Crump submitted to Prosecution.  In ABC/Crump interview she says someone pushed Trayvon to the "floor".

Witness #8 above speaks more clearly than Rachel Jeantel.  Hardly the same person, in my opinion - and also explains why, in this clip, she can't remember what de la Rionda had asked her about George getting out of the truck and her "you want that too" comment.  Why is Judge Nelson so opposed to play a portion of a tape that the jury will have the transcript for.  Nelson is in on this 100% - even if all she is doing is following orders, too obvious.

Her full interview with de la Rionda:

The witness interviewed by BDLR was very accommodating to BDLR - she was easily led and did not seem to get agitated at all.

When O'Mara wanted to video the deposition with Witness #8 BDLR would not allow it.  Why?  What is going on here?  Are there two different witness #8's?

I maintain there are - the other is the girl we have figured to be the one the scheme team intended to use, but something happened, someone put a stop to it.  

Update 2/20/2013: Interview with Al Sharpton:

Martin Family Attorney Benjamin Crump and Prosecutor Bernard De la Rionda lying to court about Witness #8 Tapes - listen carefully.

"We got the recorder to the FBI"  He is not so smooth when put before the Judge.