Sunday, June 30, 2013

How many Witness #8's are there in the Zimmerman case?

Who is Witness #8 and who was Trayvon's Girlfriend?

Updated 7/20/2013: Added Al Sharpton interview to compare.  It seems the voice on the first interviews are not matching up to Miss Rachel Jeantel.  What do you think?

Clear interview posted by ABC - unlike the garbled interview Crump submitted to Prosecution.  In ABC/Crump interview she says someone pushed Trayvon to the "floor".

Witness #8 above speaks more clearly than Rachel Jeantel.  Hardly the same person, in my opinion - and also explains why, in this clip, she can't remember what de la Rionda had asked her about George getting out of the truck and her "you want that too" comment.  Why is Judge Nelson so opposed to play a portion of a tape that the jury will have the transcript for.  Nelson is in on this 100% - even if all she is doing is following orders, too obvious.

Her full interview with de la Rionda:

The witness interviewed by BDLR was very accommodating to BDLR - she was easily led and did not seem to get agitated at all.

When O'Mara wanted to video the deposition with Witness #8 BDLR would not allow it.  Why?  What is going on here?  Are there two different witness #8's?

I maintain there are - the other is the girl we have figured to be the one the scheme team intended to use, but something happened, someone put a stop to it.  

Update 2/20/2013: Interview with Al Sharpton:

Martin Family Attorney Benjamin Crump and Prosecutor Bernard De la Rionda lying to court about Witness #8 Tapes - listen carefully.

"We got the recorder to the FBI"  He is not so smooth when put before the Judge.


  1. Here's my question: What impact on the trial would there be if Trayvon Martin had not been using his cellphone at all on his trip to and back from the mini-mart?


  2. no way in hell are these 2 people the same person. and why does the recording blank out the interviewee's name? sounds suspicious to me. she even says "you can that" when asked if TM told her the guys gonna/did hit me(TM). there absolutely is something goin on to help bolster the states' case.

  3. Apparently there would be no trial - this witness was the catalyst for George's arrest.

  4. Anonymous - yeah, that was something, wasn't it "You want that too". Bernie did NOT want that played in front of the jury, nor did the Judge. It should have been played - the lawyers on twitter were stunned she fought it.

  5. I believe Rachel Jeantel is the person speaking in all three recordings: Matt Gutman interview, BDLR interview, on the witness stand. This is what I wrote at The Conservative Treehouse with regard to this very subject. Scroll a good ways down to my comment "dawndoe" at the link below where I have provided the BDLR audio and the witness stand video for comparison to the audio Sundance provided of Rachel's interview with Crump at the top of the page. You can open up three browsers to make for easy comparison. I've given the time stamps for the points of comparison in my comment.

    "I think the difference is that she felt a little more comfortable speaking with her own type (other black people) and the fact that it was over the phone rather than in person during Crump’s intevirew. She was given the opportunity to tell her story more freely rather than being stopped after every sentence. They did stop and start several times during the Crump interview; however, she was able to speak more words without stopping than she was able to do during her interviews with BDLR and on the witness stand. She was more animated on the Crump interview, possibly because it was fresher in her mind. She didn’t seem to be as comfortable speaking to BDLR in person or on the witness stand. While on the witness stand she was able to speak more clearly, precisely, quickly and loudly when she wanted to, usually when she got angry or frustrated.

    I’m no expert, but I hear the same qualities in Rachel’s voice in all three audio samples: breathy, somewhat screechy and nasally. She also pronounces some of the words the same like when she talks about it raining, telling Trayvon to run and the man watching him. For example she draws out the “R” sound in the word “run” and says, “Rrrrrun” in all three samples.

    One other example is the phrase she attributes to Trayvon, “Whatchoo followin’ me for?” sounds exactly the same to me. Go to the 3:19 mark in the Crump interview, at the 10:36 mark in the BDLR interview and at the 20:44 mark on the witness stand. There are other examples. Just take the time to really listen to the words and the quality of her voice."

    Just my two cents worth. :-)

  6. I'm shocked to now hear Zimmerman was never arrested and they just took his word for it and let him go. Even if a police officer who shoots and kills someone is put on Administrative leave until a complete investigative is done.Zimmerman's story did change. He got out of his car in pursuit of Trayvon. He hung up from the 911 operator in order to continue that pursuit. He said he was out of his car to look for an address. You're not going to find that address on the side or backs of the houses. He was not in the front of the home he claimed he couldn't see the address of for the tree was in the way.I still say Zimmerman is guilty. I really don't care what this Dee Dee admitted or omitted from 1 interview to the next. She was still pretty consistant in what she heard and said. There was nothing major that really changed anything.This poor kid felt threatened and what else was he to do besides what he had already tried to do.Get away from Zimmerman.This kid didn't beat his head on any cement. He didn't even get 1 stitch. Those wounds were more caused by wrestling around and scratching his head on the concrete. I've had worse skinned knees.The scalp and nose bleed more then other location's on the body. Had Trayvon punched Zimmerman as many times as he claimed.Trayvon would have had abrasions, swelling or at least some blood on his hands. Which when I just saw pictures of Trayvon's hands. No way had he just been punching anyone 35 time. I think Trayvon's parent's need to try to sue Zimmerman in a civil trial for the death of their son.I do believe if not for Zimmerman and his negligence. Trayvon would still be with us today. RIP Trayvon and prayer's t your family.

  7. First of all, there was an extensive investigation, secondly, they don't arrest the cop in your scenario, they investigate while he is on leave...paid leave. All the rest of your facts are HLN and CNN facts and not what was in evidence. Click the evidence link on the sidebar and see for yourself.

  8. DawnDoe - after hearing her on Piers Morgan, I tend to agree. She sounded more like the first interview than the second and third. Thanks for your input, as always.


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