Sunday, June 23, 2013

Who is Trayvon supporter @thehoodreport?

He is foul and he is vulgar - he hates women, whites, and homosexuals.  Believe it or not, he is a Republican and ran a close race to replace the ousted Jesse Jackson Jr.,.   He is the author of some of the most foul of the foul tweets on the Trayvon Martin assault on George Zimmerman.

See updates below...Latest January 2014 
On Tuesday Feb. 26 Paul McKinley won the Republican primary for a special election to fill the vacancy left by disgraced former congressman Jesse Jackson Jr., according to the Patch. Citizens of Illinois might be used to our officials going to jail, but rarely does a felon who spent 20 years behind bars win a primary.
According to a post made by Fox Chicago News on Facebook, Mr. McKinley has quite the sordid history. To begin with he owes $14,147 in taxes to the Federal Government. In his adult life the Republican nominee has been convicted of 6 felony counts for burglaries, aggravated battery, and armed robberies leading to his 20 years in jail.[link]

Just a few examples of Paul McKinley's tweets:

Note: @notsure9 above is also @bazooka and countless others

Above: He is a candidate full of many ideas: The Broke Party Paul McKinley 773-653-8683

Below is a tweet Paul deleted after I posted it. He was asked if belonged to him...he answered:
Finally, Paul is frustrated and tweets one last time as himself (July 2013), and then retweets as @hoodreport

Paul posts many offensive posts, many exposing private information of family members of those he has an opposing view to.  There is not level he will not stoop to:

During a June 2005 bench trial, McKinley was found not guilty on two felony counts of threatening a public official. The case stemmed from a protest in which then-3rd Ward Ald. Dorothy Tillman accused McKinley of telling her to "take your country ass back to Mississippi. I'm going to get your country ass." McKinley insisted he was exercising his right to free speech and was acquitted, according to records. Source

Paul rings in the New Year with a to speak:
Information provided by: @Famewhorebuster, @Acquitzimmerman, & @ConvictBobby

Hood changes his username to @therealhoodrept after threatening to kill Bazooka, notice the avi is the same as is original avi as @hoodreport
Nah..we're good.

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