Thursday, December 20, 2012

If Trayvon Martin were your child...

If my daughter were "murdered in cold blood" by a "racist vigilante", I would move heaven and earth to make sure the killer was thrown under the jail - everything except lie.  Why would I need to if my daughter were innocent of any wrong doing and the "murderer" "stalked" and killed her in "cold blood".

Tracy and Sybrina have been hiding things from law enforcement since day one, things that would have gotten an arrest if they'd gone about it the right way and not used the scheme team to hide this vital information. Witness #8 is the State Attorney's smoking gun, so why all the secrecy?

Why hide the following instead of turning them over right away?

  • School records
  • Social networking of Trayvon (all were scrubbed before campaign began)
  • The code to access Trayvon's phone
  • Trayvon's phone records
  • Witness #8's phone records
  • Witness #8 and all her information should have gone straight to SA without questioning by a news network first
  • The recording device with the CLEAR voice and words of witness #8 who allegedly heard everything that night.

Standing on principle only wastes time and stalls justice.  His reputation shouldn't matter at this point, his "murder" should be priority #1.  The only reason to hold these things back is if they are lying about them - lies that have cost one man and his family dearly.  If Trayvon were my child and I believed him innocent, I'd have turned over everything immediately and without question.  However, if I just wanted an arrest and had to hire a team to create a hoax to gain an arrest because I knew in my heart my child was probably guilty of assault, and if I were a money grubbing piece of crap, I'd probably lie and hide things as well.

My days of feeling sorry for Sybrina and Tracy are over - until they redeem themselves and do the right thing, I have no more respect for either of them.