Thursday, December 6, 2012

GEORGE ZIMMERMAN SUES NBC (The "tugboat" that could")

Among those named in NBC lawsuit:
Lilla Luciana         Ron Allen       Jeff Burnside 

I am so proud of the Zimmerman family for fighting back against this deplorable lynching that has been taking place in the media for the past 10 months.  George's life, as he knew it, as he spent 28 years building it, has been changed forever due to bias in the media.  From the 13 yr old victim to the edited video and audio tapes - he was railroaded, big time.

Natalie Jackson used to be re-tweeted hundreds of times whenever she mentioned the Trayvon Martin case because America was buying the tragedy as she and the rest of the scheme team were telling it - now she is lucky if she gets 7 re-tweets, mostly from the die-hard, ignant group who are short on facts and long on distracting rhetoric.  They're fighting a losing battle.