Thursday, December 6, 2012

George Zimmerman latest photo - photo-shopped?

George Zimmerman's Attorneys Release PHOTOSHOPPED Image "The attorneys for murder suspect George Zimmerman attempted to inflame the public by releasing an obviously Photoshopped picture of their client yesterday.

It’s no coincidence that this shamefully Photoshopped image is released just days after Zimmerman begged the public for more donations to support his lavish lifestyle."
First of all, isn't this an actionable statement.  There is no truth to it whatsoever and seems defamatory. No? Secondly, if there has been any photoshopping going on, I'd place my bets on the following.  I mean, come on, look at the honker on Trayvon, how do you explain THAT when the picture that has made this case famous is of a little boy with a cute turned up and tiny nose?  And damn he white in the hoodie photo - I think we can all agree that one was photoshopped!

You have a very vivid imagination Ms Rose, but facts are what will be behind George when he walks free after the immunity hearing.  Imagine that!

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