Thursday, December 6, 2012

Xena - A Rabid, I mean, Avid Trayvon Martin Supporter outs a Zidiot?

Xena is one of Fredrick Leatherman's favorite students.  Here is one of the reasons why, she is a very dull blade, and he likes that.  In fact, his entire class couldn't cut butter on a scorching hot day.

Xena, as always, gives her sage advise on how to spot a "zidiot". .

Problem is, Philishia is a real person and Philishia Cox Crum is her real name.  She was around long before this case started on February 26, 2012. I can see how her "good question" comment would render her suspect in your mind as one of the racists though.

Don't let's fish your mind out of the gutter just yet black butterfly, I would be lost without the comic relief.

Update:  Rather than erase and apologize,  Xena doubles down:
"Xena PERMALINKDecember 6, 2012 3:43 pm
The treeslum folks demonstrate strong envy towards successful Blacks. That reveals their strong racial bigotry which is rooted in the idea that no matter how educated, successful, or financially lucrative a Black person is, they will never be good enough for White Supremacists.
Look what White Supremacists have done to America with their “white flight.” They have no place to run now — maybe to Florida if they could only teach Black youths how tostay in their place."
Screenshot taken from blog  The Conservative Treehouse Home To Humanities Deadliest Disease: Racism by dothprotesttoomuch
I'm sure they meant "humanity's" deadliest, just a typo....?


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