Friday, November 9, 2012

Once Pride and Integrity are abandoned

The Trayvon Martin case was built on dishonesty.  There are few supporters left, but those that still drink the kool-aid feel dishonesty and under-handed tricks are ok as a means to an end.  Crump, Jackson, Julison, Tracy, Sybrina, media - have all lied or manipulated in order to get what they want - money.  So it stands to reason the minions doing their bidding would stoop to the lowest of levels to discredit and smear anyone who disagrees with the narrative.

My friend, the worst thing you can possibly do on your blog is change the wording of someone's comment.  You lose absolutely ALL credibility as the site owner.  Nothing you write is to be believed after that.  I've actually never seen anyone do it before now, and I've been to some pretty contentious forums where the forum owner disagreed mightily with the members, but they NEVER EVER changed someone's words in a comment or post.  Lowest of lows.

Below is a screenshot of my comment that was changed at dothprotesttoomuch - a site hell-bent on destroying a person's character to the point they manipulate screenshots and change comments that person makes.  Bully tactics.  It's a damned shame the Trayvon supporters have to abandon all pride and integrity just to silence those up who disagree with them.  Best of luck on that - cold day in hell.  I don't give a damn how entitled you are feeling right about now, you have no right to alter another person's words, period.

The three phrases highlighted in yellow were altered.  

Of course what I actually wrote was and "sourced" and "documented".  I even went back on the first change they made and thought I'd made a mistake.  Someone DM'd me today to ask me about the mistake.  

It goes without saying if this group of half-wits will alter a comment, they will alter anything.  The saddest part of all of this is they will see nothing wrong with cheating to get what they want - it's how they were raised.  What the hell is our country coming to.
Sho 'nuff, not even one day after I write this, David finds LLMPapa building a video case on outright lies - this can't even be called editing, seriously.  Shameless.

Oh that sneaky LLMpapa