Thursday, November 1, 2012

Black Republicans for Romney - the Real Hope for Change

It is so sad to see the way black Republicans are treated by black democrats - actually, by most other blacks in general.  Here are some tweets from black democrats - they are indignant, hateful, and disbelieving when it comes to black republicans.

Is it true that  many want Barrack Obama to win JUST because he's black?  Hell, if the Trayvon Martin case is any indication, I say yes and I doubt many know what Obama has or hasn't done or what he even stands for.  I engage with African Americans every day regarding the Trayvon Martin case - they call me racist, idiot, uneducated, immoral, child-hater, etc., just because I believe George Zimmerman is not guilty of Murder in the Second Degree.  The documented facts of the case, by reputable sources are readily available - the prosecution has been caught in lies as have the Martin family and their lawyers, yet that makes no difference because at the end of the day Trayvon is still black and that's all that matters.  Who, with the most basic of reading and comprehension skills or even a lick of common sense, could possibly think this is a murder case at all - especially one stemming from racism?

Bottom line is, they aren't that stupid or they wouldn't be able to use their keyboard for the drool covering it. The white dems suffer from white guilt because they know if the  blacks who follow them blindly ever took a good look at history, they'd see the democrats were their fiercest enemy during emancipation and the civil rights movement.

I see it over and over lately, African Americans railing against anyone who says they are voting for Barrack Obama because he is black - well, sorry, but it's truly perplexing trying to figure out why anyone would want to keep a man in office who has done nothing whatsoever to better their country's economy and quality of life.  If it's not a black thing, then why are black republicans called Uncle Toms?  Why is it so hard for blacks to believe there is really such an animal as a "black republican"?  It's a black thing - own it.

The democrats and big government aren't helping the poor blacks in America, they're just keeping them in neighborhoods where they can control them both monetarily and mentally.  It's worked for over a century.  When will the impoverished stop the madness for themselves?  The American Indians suffer the same consequences, in many cases, worse, because they accepted reparations and land doled out by the government - they are the poorest of the poor in this country - and the most criminalized by their own, all because they accepted the governments help, seemed like the right thing to do at the time.  Where's their hope for change?  There's no hope when you make a deal with the devil.
Native Americans rank the highest in unemployment and poverty rates, infant mortality and life expectancy.According to the 2009 Census Bureau, unemployment in Indian country ranks anywhere between 50 percent and 85 percent while in some reservations, nearly 90 percent of native people live below the federal poverty line. Indian reservations in the Midwest are plagued by alcoholism, domestic violence and teen suicide, all of it contributing to an epidemic of hopelessness within America’s indigenous populations. [Link]
It is time for African Americans, to stand up and say they are mad as hell and will NOT take it anymore.  Life could be so much better for all of us if we tried to work together toward a common goal, instead of against one another to prove a point or to "win" for a candidate.  This isn't a contest, this is our future.

For the love of God and Country, stop allowing yourselves to be used.