Friday, November 23, 2012

State of the Inbred

Update: Meet the Author – Zimmerman WH Gov Petition that Fox Orlando Thinks Is Important to Spread
"Do some research on the author of the petition. Here is a sample of his tweets."



  2. So, the comments in the other blog were altered? I see this getting really ugly, & the write ups about GZ supporters will reflect on public opinion. Too many people are emotionally involved in this case, I was one of them. I had to pull back, & make sure I was not just "rooting" for George, yet seeking the truth, & justice.
    To date, NOTHING points to murder 2 that the state has entered into discovery, so I stand firm in my beliefs that according to the Fl. SYG/self defense law, George should be acquitted of the charges. I will feel this way until they show me proof this was murder, & we know that is not happening, being what they have shown to date does not even qualify for involuntary manslaughter.
    As far as tit for tat on these twitter rants, it's disgusting to read. I have read some really nasty stuff from both ends, & it sucks because these heat of the moment post will reflect on George some way, somehow.
    I suggest to anyone using social media to proofread before hitting enter.
    Just an opinion of someone that devotes much time to this case, & has seen a lot.

  3. This group of people have always fought dirty. They edited my comments on their blog and think it is funny - even the nastiest blogs and Internet forums would not dream of editing a comment, it's like pulling hair in a fight or hitting below the waist - dirty and low rent. This is why it's ok to railroad Zimmerman at any cost - it's a matter of winning now, screw what's right.

    It's been pretty well established that George is not a racist, yet that fact does not stop the racial rants and libelous name calling. They just don't care - what't the worst that could happen, they move on to another case with brand new names? They wouldn't have the balls to speak to people the way they do under their real names. I'd at least respect them for that.

  4. V, I do not know if you have been to FB sites, but the even turn on their own supporters if they converse with GZ supporters.Pretty ignorant, more so sad to say the least. Many have made this so personal, and have shown who they really are. Trayvons death was tragic, but if it is proven to be self defense in the eyes of the law, it was justified. No matter if he was 17, or 57. His age while tugging at heart strings, really does not matter if he attacked George, & George used what he deemed necessary to save his life. Everyone's fear level, along with pain level are different. All I hear is his injuries were not bad enough. I am no idiot, if Georges brains were hanging out of his head, they would still consider him a murderer. They just use the age because it pulls at many peoples hearts he was a "kid".
    I understand why many on both sides have recently switched to names not identifying them, there's been profile attacks, peoples work called, etc. That being said, I know exactly what you are speaking about,a lot never have shown their names.The one thing I always wonder about, is how do these people act in real life? If they can be so hateful, & demonic on a thread, taking it to new heights every chance they get, what in the heck are they like in person? Do they really think the Martins/Fulton's and at times The Zimmerman's would want to be represented by such ignorance, & disgusting behavior? I think not. I am not fond of how the Martin/ Fulton's have used this tragedy to draw a bank on, but I choose to believe they have some morals that would not condone this kind of harassing, & bullying supporters have displayed.
    People get heated up, say things they did not mean to come out the way it was posted, but when you deliberately attack people for fun, & popularity gain from your side, you really need to get a damn check,step away from the computer for a bit, and have a look at what you are trying to accomplish.
    Folks, public behavior so rank on either side does reflect on the people you are defending. I do not see what thrill people get out of trying to ruin peoples personal lives, all because they think differently than you do.

    1. Carol, I don't go to the FB sites either, too much bickering. I agree with you 100%. Thank you so much for reading and commenting. V.

  5. How convenient you leave out the tweets from David Piercy calling SOI a about 1 sided 'journalism. Your a disgusting troll and just remember bitch...we have your number also.....Dreamcatcher, or whatever your racist 'charity' is. Don't fuck around cunt.

    1. Trent,your threats and name calling only reflect who you are, not who I am. Did you know that an American citizen's activities in Amsterdam can land them on a watch list in the states? My foundation is not racist, just thorough.


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