Saturday, November 3, 2012

Trent Sawyer aka @stateoftheinter - Criminal History

It will come as no surprise to anyone that the foul mouthed abuser of cabbage patch dolls has a criminal record for drugs and public indecency.  Thanks to:

 Trent's criminal record   
we have the details.  Of course he is not the only Trayvon Martin supporter with a criminal past that flys in the face of all their righteous indignation over George Zimmerman's misdemeanor offense when he was 21.  George at least moved on with his life to become a fine and upstanding citizen - a productive one, at that.  These losers don't have jobs or an education that they didn't photo-shop into a facebook album.

Trent Sawyer, man of the year - representing for the Trayvon Martin supporters, friend to the Martin attorney Natalie Jackson, and cheerleader to the brainless morons with the "T" on their twitter pics.

As they say in twitter-land, #smfh

Let's have a stroll down memory lane, shall we?

Eloquent and showing his fabricated education

Molesting African American Cabbage Patch Kid

More molestation of Cabbage Patch who was apparently injured during one of his molestation sessions.  Poor cabbypatch.

Natalie Jackson just can't get enough of Trent and Cabbage Patch

Trent, you are a loser and if the Martin's and their attorneys had a lick of sense, they would ask you  to stop making it look as though they are as much of a mental case as you are.  But they won't, because mentally unstable people are key to the rhetoric and they need you.