Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Zimmerman’s Eye-Witness Austin Brown and the LIES his mother told

Cheryl Brown, mother of Austin Brown

Cheryl Brown, the mother of Austin Brown, was not home the night of the shooting.  She had left her 13 year old son and his  nine year old sister alone after telling Austin to walk the dog.    Austin put the leash on his boxer, Sake, and started out for a walk when suddenly he saw a man in a red shirt on the ground yelling for help.  Austin only saw the man, no one else.  He says at this point the dog got off the leash and he went after it.  While going after his dog he heard more screaming and a gun shot and ran into his house.  He told his sister what was going on and she called 911.  LINK to 911 call

 Some media outlets wrote:  "Austin told police at the time of the shooting last month that he had seen someone fitting Zimmerman's description lying on the ground, bolstering the gunman's claim that he acted in self-defense."LINK 

Everything changed after her interviews and the world believed the corrupt police berated another poor black boy into telling them what they wanted to hear... but she lied.

What Austin told Matt Gutman the day after the shooting (this video was almost immediately scrubbed from the ABC website).  

MG:  You saw one person on the ground or two?

AB:  I just saw one person on the ground
(video is edited at this point)

AB:  I know they had on a T-shirt,

MG:  A light colored t-shirt?  A dark color?

AB:   A red t-shirt

MG:  Zimmerman was wearing a RED shirt that night and nothing to identify him as a night watchmen.

So without provocation, Austin tells Matt the guy on the ground had on a red shirt.

Interview with Investigator Serino, Monday March 5, 2012.  Police were not able to interview Austin in the days immediately following the shooting because his mother was out of town.  When they tried to schedule for Friday, March 2, the mother said she needed to talk to her lawyer and scheduled for Monday

DS:  Tell me what happened on Sunday night, February 26th

AB:  I saw someone laying on the ground and it looked like they couldn't get up and they were yelling
for help.

DS:  Was he white or black?

AB:  I couldn't tell

DS:  Did you see what he was wearing?

AB:  Ummm, it looked like a RED SHIRT, it was dark outside.

Serino simply asked a question without leading Austin at all.  Listen to the full interview HERE.  Serino talked to Brown for a total of three minutes.

***UPDATE 7/15/2012***  The recently released document dump contained Bernie De le Rionda and John Guy's 4/27/2012 interview with Austin Brown - Mrs. Brown and Alicia Adamson were present.  Austin told the De le Rionda  that the man he saw on the ground asking for help had on a "red hoodie".  The mother or lawyer told De le Rionda they didn't believe this was accurate and that Austin may have been coerced into saying the clothing was red in his early police interview. They advised De le Rionda they would speak with Austin and get back to him.  Later that evening they called him back and told him Austin did not know what the subject was wearing, he felt obligated to say "red hoodie" since he had told police that during an earlier interview.  Again, there was no coercion as can be seen above.  This is the first time Austin mentions "hoodie".
Cheryl Brown's delightful attorney,  Alisia Adamson
Note:  Alisia Adamson worked for Benjamin Crump - she is his "mentee".  This tells me Crump got to the witnesses before Serino could interview them.

Al Sharpton's introduction to the Cheryl Brown Exclusive Interview

Sharpton:  On one of those 911 calls, an 18 year old girl called to say her 13 year old brother had SEEN the shooting while he was out walking their dog! 

The 911 call is played and nowhere in the call do we hear Austin had witnessed the "shooting", in fact, he says he did not see the shooting..  But a blatant lie contradicted by the truth on his own show never stopped the good Rev. Al.

RevAl: Some media reports say your sons eye-witness account supports Zimmerman.  Does your son think this was self-defense?

Cheryl: Not at all.

RevAl:  He does not

Cheryl:  No (delightful lawyer shakes head in agreement)

RevAl: So those media reports would be inaccurate and you've talked to your son.  What can you tell us?  I know your attorney's there so she will stop me if I go over the line... but what can you tell us your son's general impressions and feelings were?

Cheryl: Aside from what he actually saw, his feelings were that, umm, the cries for help that he heard were from an, umm, a young person and he only saw one person.

RevAl:  He only saw one person when they were laying on the floor?
(seriously, what sort of idiot actually watches this show and believes anything that comes from this shyster's mouth?  One contradiction after the other)

Cheryl:  Correct.

RevAl:  So he never saw a struggle on the floor?  He never saw someone beating somebody's head into the ground?

Cheryl:  No he did not see anything like that.

RevAl:  When did investigators talk to your son (delightful attorney gives a knowing nod to this question, like that's the key)

Cheryl:  They talked to him on Monday, March 5th.

She goes on to tell RevAl that between the 26th and the March 2nd, no one came to their house and no one called.  This is another LIE.  Serino wanted to interview Austin but the mother was out of town and he did not want to interview the young boy without her.  Serino tells this to Mary Cutcher during their first phone interview.  Anyway, the interview goes on for a few about how indignant Mrs. Brown is, etc., she even adds: "I was waiting every day for someone to come knocking at the door and it didn't happen".   

Cheryl:  I was present when they questioned him, I just don't feel that it was done properly.  I feel there were some tactic used to suggest some things to him that, maybe some leading things that, you know, leading him to say certain things that he would have told if he were just able to talk without them intervening or suggesting anything.

RevAl:  When you say "leading things", can you give me an example?
At this point Cheryl looks over at Atty. Delightful and they smile in agreement to Cheryl pulling out the big guns....and away she went...

Cheryl:  Well for example they asked Austin if he could tell the race of the person, ah, laying on the
ground. He said he could not see the person or the color of their skin.  (and?)  Then they proceeded to ask if he knew the color of the shirt the person was wearing, and then they proceeded to give him options of what color that shirt could have been.  I don't feel that they should have done that.  I think they should have just let him tell the story.

Really?  Let's look at the interview between Serino and Austin again.  

DS:  Tell me what happened on Sunday night, February 26th

AB:  I saw someone laying on the ground and it looked like they couldn't get up and they were yelling for help.

DS:  Was he white or black? AB:  I couldn't tell

DS:  Did you see what he was wearing?

AB:  Ummm, it looked like a RED SHIRT, it was dark outside.

Where are the leading questions?  If you ask me, Serino didn't seem all that interested in what Austin had to say.

Cheryl ended the  interview by saying:
"The lead investigator stood in my family room and told me this was not self-defense." -Cheryl Brown
 On the one hand Cheryl Brown says the police are leading her son to bolster Zimmerman's claims, then on the other hand she is saying this same detective doesn't believe Zimmerman.  They didn't think  this interview through or what?

And if he'll lie about little things like money and bond hearings, we know he'll lie about big things dealing with whether he's going to be convicted of second-degree murder." -Benjamin Crump

Alisia Adamson and Benjamin Crump on another case.