Thursday, June 28, 2012

YancyDrew (aka, YancyFaith) outs Matt Gutman

Our own YancyFaith did something I've wanted to do since the baby Lisa Irwin story, she outed @MattGuttman, one of the Crump/Jackson-hugger news (cough), reporters. Christopher Serino was demoted on Tuesday from Homicide Detective to night patrol with the Sanford Police Department.  Of course the spin is - he asked for the demotion.  Mmmm hmmm, don't we all want to work 25 years so we can go back to square one?

 Anyway, for whatever reason, Yancy's first thought was "Matt Guttman" and leaks.  So she did what no one else would ever have dreamed of doing, she asked him - here, see for yourself: Click here for video:  Serino is Matt Gutmans source for leaks

 Of course Matt denied it, but MANY tweeters took screen-shots, so fahgetabout it.  Read the rest of the story here:  Update #30 – Leaker Chickens Come Home To Roost – George Zimmerman Case – Detective Chris Serino and ABC’s Matt Gutman BUSTED

Great job my friend!!