Saturday, January 25, 2014

Associated Press Infringes upon George Zimmerman's Copyright to Corey Painting

From AP Photo page - Not sure George Zimmerman gave his permission for use of his painting...or sale (calculator icon). They've even stamped their watermark all over HIS painting.

AP has a lot of nerve placing their watermark all over George's copyrighted painting, but they can do what they want, right? Wrong, "a derivative work may still be copyrightable, even if it infringes an existing (underlying) copyright." [link]

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January 22, 2014 04:02:14 PM
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Angela Corey
Crime, General news
Jacksonville, FLORIDA, United States
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So, the lawyer for Rick Wilson, photographer and owner of Model Mayhem, is suing George Zimmerman for using his alleged copyrighted photograph, allegedly taken at the news conference to announce (bogus) charges against George Zimmerman on April 11, 2012.  AP has this same photograph on their website under "editorial use".

I have a screenshot that looks exactly like the AP/George/Wilson photo on one of my blogs which I took sitting at my desk...who knows which photo George used, I'm confident he reads my blog. John Phillips was apparently peeping in George's window while he painted because he  states he KNOWS George used Wilson's photo.

As Mr. Phillips (attorney for Rick Wilson), stated above, "the AP allowed its use for editorial purposes, not re-sale.."

I'm not sure who owns the copyright, but I am doubtful it belongs to both AP and Rick Wilson.

Laura Kresich believes the photo belongs to her...she uploaded the image and offered it for embedding on April 11, 2012.  Odd, yes, especially for someone running a law blog!  Maybe someone should contact Laura about the AP and Rick Wilson infringing upon her copyright.

photo attached to a Washington Post article that looks identical to Rick Wilson's photo is attributed to AP.

Rick Wilson photo credit - page never archived, actual photo shows added today when searched through archive generator.
Rick Wilson photo credit - page never archived, actual photo shows added today when searched through archive generator.

Of course today's date would also show on AP's entire collection of photos if they updated their site today...but neither of these pages show up in the 2012 Internet crawl.

What say you about all this my friend?
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