Thursday, January 23, 2014

George Zimmerman is a victim of Government terrorism

George Zimmerman is a victim of Government terrorism
Holder needs to stop "bashing the victim"

Guest Blog by Rumpole of Random Topics

Rumours continue as regards possible DOJ legal action against George Zimmerman. Some sort of Federal Civil Rights charge. It seems to me that this was an idle threat made after Zimmerman was acquitted in the criminal (Murder2) case. A cynical move by Holder and his gang to appease the BGI and his political favourites. Surely baseless since an early FBI investigation had already found no evidence of racism in Zimmerman’s past, and besides that, Zimmerman's past should NOT be the issue. Even if somebody is arguably "racist" in day to day life (which George is not), then still such serious charges need to be about the incident in question.

The instant when George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin. Moreover, specifically that George Zimmerman only shot Martin because he was black. It already sounds daft to me. While having his head pounded I can not imagine George considering "since he's black I'll shoot him". Presumably the extension to that is that if Martin was white, then George would have decided to just endure the beating (and likely death) at the hands of his attacker.

I will be shocked if any sort of DOJ charges eventuate. I am inclined to say it wont happen, but with Holder and the Chicago gang in Washington it unfortunately remains a possibility.

The threat is certainly still there and I imagine that it is a very real threat in George Zimmerman's mind. At the very least this matter should have been resolved quickly and not left as a "Sword of Damocles" hanging over George's head for months, causing anguish and stress. In a very real sense it is persecution (torture) of a citizen by a Government official (and Department). Even if the world HAS gone mad, or we enter the Twilight Zone, and such charges are to be brought, it should have been done months ago. The evidence used in the murder trial was given to the FBI soon after the trial. I don't imagine any ongoing investigation is actually taking place at all. Just an ongoing delay in announcing that there will (or preferably won't) be charges laid.

I recall a YouTube video of part of the Senate SYG Hearing Oct 2013, where it was stated categorically that there would definitely NOT be DOJ charges brought against George Zimmerman. I and many commentators at the time, considered that this "announcement" in the Senate signalled an end to this matter, but it seems not? Rumours still bubble away at daft forums and down in the depths of the twitter sewer, in the wilfully ignorant, hate-filled posts and tweets of Traybot Worriers, and still no "official" word is forthcoming from Holder.

I posted the YouTube clip from the October 2013 Senate Hearing at Random Topics and thought at the time that this torture of George Zimmerman had ended, but still it persists.

Listen from 1:14 mark...
Senator Graham: "Do you agree with ahh.. Attorney Generals Holder, Holder's decision not to pursue a Federal Civil Rights case in the Trayvon Martin..."
Mr Sullivan: "I do, based on the standard that needs to be satisfied in order to move forward with a case like that. The Federal Government would have to demonstrate that the moment of the violent encounter... Mr Zimmerman behaved as he did a a function of racial animus, and I am not sure that the...there is sufficient evidence there for the Government to go forward...."
The rest of that verbal exchange only serves to confirm that such Federal action would be silly and is in fact "off the table" So WHY did Holder himself not announce that back in August 2013, if not before? Why not at least announce it now, and STOP needlessly torturing a private citizen, especially one previously acquitted and exonerated in a State Criminal Court?

If this IS just a hollow threat, then surely what Holder is doing amounts to persecuting a private citizen. Threatening his liberty for no purpose other than some personal political agenda.

If it is NOT just a hollow threat, and charges are to be laid, then the delay in doing so still amounts to torture.

Holder should either piss or get off the pot.  

In a perfect world George should be able to sue Holder et al for the stress, pain and suffering caused by this contrived threat.

It is actually terrorism of a citizen by Government.

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