Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Dash-Cam of George Zimmerman's arrest, 911 Call and Police Report

George Zimmerman being arrested after his wife lied about seeing a gun

After Shellie Zimmerman did a couple of interviews with reporter Christi O'Connor she filed for divorce from George Zimmerman, one month after he was acquitted of murdering Trayvon Martin. Less than one week after filing for divorce, and only days after an interview where she trashed George and declared herself a martyr, Shellie made this 911 call to police saying she and George had an argument over dividing up personal belongings and he was threatening her and her ex-con father with a gun.   
PD: Is he inside now?
SZ: No, he is in his car and he continually has his hand on his gun and he keeps saying step closer and he is just threatening all of us.
PD: Step closer and what?
SZ: And he is going to shoot us.
SZ: He punched my dad on the nose. My dad has a mark on his face. I saw his glasses were on the floor. He accosted my father and then took my iPad out of my hand and smashed it and cut it with a pocket knife. There is a Lake Mary city worker across the street that I believe saw almost all of it. He is sitting in his truck right now. He just showed up here but my phone died so I had to call from my father's phone. I'm really, really afraid.
PD: We have units in the area where you are at so just stay on the line with me.
SZ: I don't know what he is capable of. I'm just really scared. <snip>
SZ: The police have there…Dad get inside the house. George might start shooting at us. I don't know. We are going inside the house. Oh my God
PD: Are you both inside right now?
SZ: Yup.
PD: Stay in there. Let the police take care of him.
SZ: He has got his hands in the air. He is not touching his weapon.
 Shellie later stated to police she had never seen a gun, and police found no gun - Shellie and her father declined to press charges.  Not only did she lie to the dispatcher, she was texting pictures from the altercation to a reporter who was tweeting them out to Sybrina Fulton, Benjamin Crump, Shayan Modarres, and HLN.

Police arrived and drew their guns on George, making him get on his knees while they handcuffed him.  Any mistaken move on George's part could have gotten him killed.

In her interview at the end of August, Shellie told reporter Christi O'Connor she is taking back her life and "empowering" herself. Empowering oneself should not include destroying what little is left of someone else.

Dashcam Video of George being arrested (and later released with no charges filed).

Police presser after incident:  No gun, no injuries. iPad belongs to both since they are married and either can destroy it - no criminal charges there.