Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Trayvon Martin Family attorneys and Christi O'Connor

Christi O'Conner is the journalist who scored the first (and only, so far), interview with Shellie Zimmerman almost immediately after her plea deal with prosecutors on a perjury charge.  The segment aired on GMA August 28, 2013.  Shayan Modarres represented Benjamin Crump in a very small way and works with all the Martin family attorneys in some capacity. Both he and Natalie Jackson, another Martin family attorney, are tweeting out links to Christi O'Connor's blog.

Recently Modarres took on the case of Samuel Fuller, a man allegedly brutalized by the Sanford Police Department.  Christi O'Connor conducted interviews with the witnesses to the Samuel Fuller tasering incident.  She also taped a church meeting about the incident at the church where Natalie Jackson's step-father, Lowman Oliver, is the Pastor.  Natalie's mother, Francis Oliver, can also be seen in the video. Notice the title, Trayvon Martin Attack #2..

Trayvon Martin Attack #2 -- Christi O'Connor

I wrote about this case right after the incident happened.

Christi says she moved to Florida because she is writing a book on the Zimmerman case.  This is all very curious to me because she went to work for an ABC affiliate station in North Carolina December 2012, just eight months ago.  We contacted WLOS and spoke to someone in the newsroom, when asked if Christi works there, he said (as if mad or disgusted), she left their employ six months ago.  Longevity is not her strong suit.

Christi told the Zimmerman family that she is a freelance reporter writing a book about the trial.  She told them she sold her story to ABC.  I think there is WAY more to it.

Below are some facts about O'Connor.  Don't bother looking at her Wikipedia, 90% of what is written is unsourced. :

Christi O'Conner Linkedin
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PRNMedia Twitter announcing Christi's move:
Moving to the #mountains is Christi O’Connor as she now reports for @wlos_13 in Asheville, N.C. She arrives from KPIX in San Fran.^dr
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8:00 AM - 3 Dec 12

First Coast News Promo by Christi O'Connor in 1993

This resume of experience is all over the place. While she doesn't mention her move to ABC affiliate WLOS or a book about Zimmerman, she does indicate she is writing a book about the airline industry, "Descent into Deceit".  Bright side, if she doesn't finish the airline book she can always use the title for her autobiography.

Then there's her campaign to help children and teens who are bullied.  I'm not seeing this venture as a successful one, in fact, it's hard to find much at all about it that she didn't write herself. There are complaints on ripoff.com in reference to http://www.themonstermarch.com.  Complaints on ripoff state she was using the money from donations for herself.  I didn't even go there, but you are welcome to :)

 and http://www.youthtv.com - The website whois states it has been suspended for spam.  Again, not going to bother.

Christi's youtube channel.  An investigative reporter who was main anchor (according to her CV), for many years has only 12 videos to show for it.

Christi links text messages from Shellie Zimmerman between Shellie and George.  Not much there, I'm not sure what they prove.

As a dear friend said earlier tonight, "a sheep in wolves clothing". How deep does her connection to the Martin family attorneys go?   Is she really writing a book about the bombshells she seems to think she, alone, noticed while attending the trial? *Yawn*  Most importantly, what the hell was Shellie thinking?

...and why did she tweet this to Attorney Crump?  How did O'Connor make arrangements to have the below images on HLN so soon - at 3:20 PM?  The event was still going on at that time... PDF of Police report, see page five, last two lines.  Shellie said her phone was dead when she called 911, but I bet it wasn't, I offer she was texting information to Christi O'Connor, the reporter she did her exclusive interview with, from her cell phone.  Texting while crying and telling the dispatcher she was afraid for her life.  Only a cold hearted bitch or someone co/authoring a book could do this to an already broken individual.

She's not even trying to hide what she's doing - Crump always picks the lowest hanging fruit.  He is somehow trying to find something, anything on George that would help boost his all-but-dead civil suit.

More of her tweets addressed to Sybrina and the Martin family attorneys:
  1. G Zimmerman questioned right now by police. Allegedly pulled a gun and assaulted family mbrs. .
  2. G Zimmerman Sanford PD minutes ago for allegedly PULLING A GUN on his wife's father and assaulting Shellie.
  3. George Zimmerman's Wife: Husband Guilty Of 1st Degree Anger. Extended Intvw:
  4. George Zimmerman's Wife: Husband Guilty Of Explosive Anger Watch Extended Intvw
  5. Trayvon wasn't first victim on whom Zimmerman unleashed. Please retweet

Ms O'Connor ain't your answer friend.