Sunday, September 15, 2013

Angela Corey's Managing Director Cheryl Peak calls Police

More drama from the employees in State Attorney Angela Corey's office.
The husband of a top official in State Attorney Angela Corey’s administration won’t be charged after an investigation into a battery at their home.

Cheryl R. Peek, the managing director in Corey’s office, told police she suffered an injured elbow and would need surgery following a June 23 incident. Peek was pushed to the brick floor by her husband, according to a Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office incident report. She told police her husband, 63-year-old attorney David Hudgins Peek, was acting irrationally when he came into the kitchen and was cursing her before shoving her down. 
Corey asked Gov. Rick Scott to assign another state attorney to handle the investigation to avoid possible conflict of interest. On July 15, Christopher France, the lead prosecutor in St. Augustine division of the 7th Judicial Circuit under State Attorney R.J. Larizza, issued a two-paragraph finding that there was no criminal act in the case. [Complete Story]

Cheryl Peek has worked in Angela Corey's office, off and on, for a number of years.  Peek was fired from the State Attorneys office in 1990 when she engaged in “profiling”, illegal state manipulation of a Grand Jury Pool. [Case documents]

When Corey won the State Attorney position, she immediately brought Cheryl back.  Cheryl Peek wrote the termination letter for Angela Corey to Ben Kruibos.  He was terminated for blowing the whistle on the State Attorney's office during the Trayvon Martin trial.