Saturday, November 19, 2016

Fashion Wars: Melania Trump vs Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama

The First Couple - Donald J. and Melania Trump 
It is the end of the world for fashion designers in the US now that the slovenly and hideous Melania Trump is set to occupy the coveted position of First Lady in the White House.  Our rebuttal to a pretentious article published recently in the New York Times "style" section, is best demonstrated in photos....(author's words from article emphasized in italics)

Is Fashion’s Love Affair With Washington Over?
Vanessa Friedman 
new york times
With all the money famous designers poured into Hillary Clinton's campaign, they are disappointed she lost
It was striking that on election night, for example, while Melania Trump also wore Ralph Lauren (a white jumpsuit), the outfit was, according to the brand, one she had bought off the rack, as opposed to one that she had worked with the designer to create.
new york times
Jumpsuit?  As opposed to "pantsuit"?  Well, anyway, at least Melania showed up....just, you know, saying.

new york times
Michelle Obama, the darling of the "high fashion"  designers
Mrs. Obama elevated the industry beyond the superficial to the substantive. She framed clothing as a collection of values: diversity, creativity, entrepreneurship. Mrs. Clinton seemed primed to continue that trend. The Trumps, however, may not.
Not to be one who likes to deliver devastating news, but Melania Trump wouldn't be caught in bed nursing the flu in some of the clothes Michelle Obama actually wore in public.

Melania Trump on the campaign trail with President elect, Donald J. Trump
Indeed, all the clothes she wore on the campaign trail seem to have been part of a shopping spree, as opposed to a strategic plan. There’s nothing wrong with that. Arguably it is part of what makes a woman who lives in a gilded penthouse seem more normal (she buys, just like everyone else!)But it reflects her distance from the industry.
And it is striking that while Ralph Lauren is an American brand, which may indicate a decision to support homegrown talent and promote local industry, Mrs. Trump has also worn Fendi (Italian), Roksanda Ilincic (British) and Emilia Wickstead (British) on the campaign trail. When she went to cast her vote, Mrs. Trump threw a gold-buttoned camel Balmain military coat (French) over her shoulders.
Love it when they fact-check themselves mid-judgy rant .  Let's take a look at some of Melania's fashion faux pas...but I digress, let us return to the whining elitist fashion designers pity party:
Now the industry has to wrestle with what happens next: how it defines itself if it is marginalized — reduced to mere decoration — in a Trump administration, and whether there will be repercussions for either its pledge of allegiance to the president-elect’s opponent or some of the more angry postelection [sic] statements designers have made on social media.
You can't even make this shi* up my friends.

Alas, according to Ms Friedman's article, one designer, Elie Tahari, already had a wardrobe in mind for Madame President Hillary Clinton back in August of 2015 -- methinks said designer punked Ms Vanessa way was this look created for Hillary Clinton, it was obviously designed for the beautiful and poised Melania Trump - future FLOTUS.

Fashion designer Elie Tahari's vision for the future First Lady's wardrobe