Thursday, May 7, 2015

Wesley Lowery: Inaccuracies, Tamir Rice Fundraiser

Wesley Lowery and inaccuracies in reporting on the Tamir Rice fundraiser last December.
Let's have a look at which of us are actually putting out inaccurate information, and which of us is not too damn lazy or arrogant to fact check...[Link to WP story and Link to Re-Newsit blog]

Wesley Lowery: my piece includes actual facts and interviews Inaccurate
Re-Newsit: I actually spoke with Timothy Kucharski  (and David Malick), as well. Mr. Kucharski was sent a copy of my blog for accuracy, and with the exception of one small point, he approved.  I would never interview Shaun King because he is, in my opinion, a pathological liar and is incapable of telling the truth.  I use his own posted words to catch him in his infinite stream of lies.

Wesley Lowery: So when a new court filing in the Rice family’s civil suit against the city of Cleveland revealed that Tamir has yet to be buried and that his mother was, at least temporarily, living in a homeless shelter, King was incensed.
Re-Newsit:  According to the lawyers, and countless MSM sites, the family chose to move because the park was too close to their home, not for financial reasons.  According to their attorneys, Tamir has not been buried by their own choice and not for financial reasons.

Wesley Lowery:  As investigation enters fifth month, Tamir Rice’s mother has moved into a homeless shelter (May 5, 2015) Inaccurate
Re-Newsit:  In "early April" (see video 3:06) - Samaria Rice moved into an apartment.  Fact

Wesley Lowery: In reference to Shaun King "one of the top protest organizers in Ferguson" Wholly inaccurate
Re-Newsit: Shaun King has never organized or even attended a protest in Ferguson. Fact

Wesley Lowery: "Not long after the money was handed to the court-appointed trustee, the Rice family shook up their legal team." Inaccurate 
Re-newsit: Quoting Shaun King: "I have worked directly with Attorney Ben Crump and his legal team to make sure that the family received these funds." Emphasis on "received".

Wesley Lowery: (posted within the article)

What a team!

Wesley Lowery: But Kucharski had never heard of King — one of the fund’s primary organizers — and Rice’s mother told him that she was unaware of the fundraiser.
Re-Newsit:  This tweet, combined with the above excerpt from your article, are blatant admissions that Shaun put up the website all on his own.  If the mother didn't know about it, and the attorneys didn't know about it, and team Crump hadn't been hired yet, who approved Shaun King to start a fundraiser in his name with funds going directly to him?  (Shaun can save the bulls**t Uncle story).

Re-Newsit: From the horses mouth (King), regarding accusations he stole funds raised last December for Tamir Rice's family (note: I never said SK stole the funds, this was someone else, I wrote he was "scamming"):

This one hurts. It hurts because hundreds of people from all over the world gave to help Tamir’s family. It hurts because the people advancing this lie have a proven history of hating Tamir, hating Mike Brown, hating Trayvon, etc. It hurts because it’s a major distraction for Tamir’s family and legal team.
We raised $60,000 in one day for the family of Tamir Rice. After speaking with activists in Cleveland, the day of Tamir’s funeral, I learned that Tamir’s mother was going to have to go back to work and that the family really didn’t have the money to cover the costs of his funeral/burial, etc. Most families wouldn’t. Through Tamir’s uncle, who has done great work on behalf of the family, we opted to do this fundraiser. I’m proud of what we did.
I didn’t get a dime, never would’ve expected a dime, ever. The money was never in my hands and never would’ve been in my hands.
I have worked directly with Attorney Ben Crump and his legal team to make sure that the family received these funds. On December 8, 2014, Attorney Crump addressed this publicly on Twitter.
Screen Shot 2014-12-27 at 8.10.37 PM
Screen Shot 2014-12-27 at 8.09.45 PM
You have a lot of nerve, Mr Lowery, to call my blog inaccurate and to place yourself on some sort of journalistic high-horse when you blindly swallow whatever is fed to you by those you think might help advance your career. I write the truth and I source it. If I don't have a source I make it clear that I cannot verify.  The rest is clearly opinion.

I would think the Washington Post would have higher standards than the garbage you put out sometimes.  The only conclusion that can be reached is you have an agenda, or you are not ready for prime time. Just my OPINION.