Monday, April 6, 2015

Kendrick Johnson: Bell Family files Answers to $100 Million Lawsuit

The family of Kendrick Johnson filed a $100 Million lawsuit against 38 individuals in Lowndes County, Georgia, three of those being the Bell family of Valdosta. The suit alleges that Richard Bell, FBI agent, commanded his sons to kill Kendrick Johnson. This is after the attorneys for the Johnson family, Chevene King and Benjamin Crump, were made aware of the fact that both boys had air tight alibis when Kendrick Johnson climbed into a wrestling mat to retrieve a shoe and died. The attorneys know full well that social media would quote the lawsuit countless times, earning money and more recognition for the case, so the facts do not matter.  Anyone can file a suit against anyone for anything.  Lawyers should be held accountable for filing frivolous suits....oh wait, they are sometimes held accountable...Chevene King owes over $90,000 for the last frivolous suit he filed.

The Bells are counter suing and the US Attorney will likely be adversely affected by this sham of a "review" that somehow turned into an "investigation" in the past year. The official cause of Kendrick Johnson's death is an accident.  Attorney Crump is losing favor with the DOJ because of his last high profile case, Michael Brown in Ferguson. The media has seemingly shut him down as well. Hopefully this will be the last time he ruins the lives of innocent people just to make a name for himself.

  Bells Family Answers to $100 Million Lawsuit