Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Shaun King Claims Police Covered up his 1995 "hate crime"

shaun king
This is the tweet that got me suspended from Twitter in late July  Over 500 retweets which can no longer be found
As many who read my blog know, I've been looking into Shaun King since the day he falsified a police report claiming it was from a child molestation case on Charles Johnson of GoNews.  The first thing I found when researching King were allegations he had made on Twitter about his ex boss and mega church leader, Jonathan Alvarado.

Not only was King tweeting horrific allegations out to his followers, he called a local reporter and they printed the story.  Why?  Revenge.  That's how King rolls.  Today Milo Yiannopoulos released a story on about two lies King has been repeating for years, that he is mixed, black father and white mother, and that he suffered a hate crime 20 years ago.  This story is now trending on twitter and several other major publications have picked it up, and for the first time King is addressing these allegations through someone named Shea Gold, who says he was there when "Sean" was assaulted.
 "So Shaun's injuries were downplayed to just a scratch in the police report. The FFA guys had planned ahead for one of them to take the fall for all. The investigating officer was happy to put that detail in his report. Nor was he eager to interview witnesses, having never asked me a single question.
A police cover-up.  Shaun is once again playing the victim.  He is no doubt going to use this now to promote, a site which takes donations to be "used to fight police brutality". Attorney Benjamin Crump is on the board of directors, as is Deray McKesson.  All of which have said I am a white supremacist and a liar.  Rich.
 When you read about incidents like these, it's very easy to imagine that details were left out, memories are hazy, things are made up. If you are having such reservations about this story, please understand that I have no agenda. I was not close with Sean in high school, and I have not spoken with him since. I am in no way related to his efforts to combat racism. Nor was I ever close with his attackers. I relate my memories of this day only so people will know what really happened. I was one of a very few people that saw it with their own eyes.
There it is. It happened."
Above is King's way of prompting people to google my name, he adds my photo for confirmation once they hit the sites he wants them to hit.  A photo that someone has manipulated for some odd reason, I guess because they couldn't find a bad one of me to post (TIC).

King is also having his followers post an incorrect website for people to click on right under the above post, - a fake page Santiago Carlos Rodriguez, and a woman named Denise Souriall made up to discredit me out of revenge for another post I wrote during the Ted Wafer trial.  They even bought my name, to redirect to their bogus site - today's big story is only racking up damages, in case they are wondering why it hasn't been removed.  Ironically, they only got 1/2 the personal information correct while I have been 99% spot on in my research and reporting. The woman who bought the harassment sites, Denise Souriall, is trying to sue me for...harassment and defamation.  Let that sink in.
Revenge doesn't answer the questions that need answering though, it only makes King look more guilty and more like the teen who threw a young girl against the wall in high school, threatening her, over $8.00.

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