Sunday, August 30, 2015

Breaking: George Zimmerman takes a Selfie!

George Zimmerman 2014
I haven't written about George Zimmerman in a minute, but I had to chuckle at the stupidity of a few news stories that came out last week, both concerned Zimmerman's twitter account.  Even a local news station whose headlines should have been about the horrific crime in their city, decided George Zimmerman, doing what millions do every day, all day, 365 days a year, was worthy of some ink.

George Zimmerman Calls President Obama An 'Ignorant Baboon'
 On Thursday, Zimmerman tweeted an image purported to be of Michael Brown, the 18-year-old whose shooting by police [after Brown tried to take a law officer's gun and shoot him with it] in 2014 triggered [riots and millions in damages to businesses that were burned to the ground and looted - 2 officers were shot] unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, along with a photo of Vester Lee Flanagan, who [plannedambushed, filmed, and posted his slaughter of] shot and killed the two [white] journalists on Wednesday. (my revised excerpt from Huffpo article)

Huffington Post Article, 2006:  
Bush Looks An Awful Lot Like A Monkey - Bob Cesca
"I give you... the infamous "President Bush Looks Like A Monkey" montage (be kind to us, historians of the future)."
Huffington Post 2006
"Okay sure. He looks monkeyesque. But that doesn't mean he's literally a monkey."
Okay sure, Obama acts like an ignorant baboon, but that doesn't mean he's literally a primate, besides, he's half white and, apparently, the terms "monkey" and "baboon" are not offensive to white presidents.  The Huffington Post used the first tweet below as an example of Zimmerman's "racist" tweets about Obama:

Judging from re-tweets and other tweets, many agreed with Zimmerman:

No articles pointing out that some people who don't even know the man, start twitter profiles just to harass him all day. Gutless wonders that they are, do so under fake names. Bassem Masri doesn't use a fake profile because everyone already knows he hates everyone he's told to hate.
As evidence of just how incensed the media is because Zimmerman won't go away and stop reminding them of how miserably they failed at finishing him off, we found this:

"And just to top it off, Zimmerman tweeted an image of himself at a pool with a cigar in his mouth"

Which of those blatant infractions by a free man over 21 was the most offensive to this "journalist", do you suppose?

1. Selfie
2. Cigar
3. Pool
 4. All of the above

I'm seeing George's twitter messages as a big "fuck you" to the establishment he once wanted to be a part of. He also voted for Obama in 2008, so save the "racism" bullshit, he has every reason to hate the man.  I'm not happy George chose to render an image of the Confederate flag and sell it so soon after the horrific Roof murders, but I do know his statement is about free speech.  The very same group who have been trying to "take him" down since he was acquitted, are the same group who took the Confederate flags down and didn't care what anyone thought.
A thug wears a bullet meant for Zimmerman on the day of his acquittal 
The same group that looted and burned Ferguson; the same group that is trying to ruin the life of an innocent young man in Valdosta, Georgia right now.  Benjamin Crump will end up a loser in that case as well, but the damage is done and he's gotten what he wanted, another hashtag with the name of another dead black male shot by police that he can use for his own purposes... and always to set up a 2-3 year long fundraiser/foundation.