Friday, May 29, 2015

Toscana Apartments Victim of Race Hoax?

racist flyer
Four degrees of separation 
A video and photo have gone viral today which paint a very old and reputable management company as "racist", and to me, it appears to be another race hoax.
Flyer allegedly posted by Toscany Apartments
The young woman who found the flyer, Tygent Engeda, is a board member for "Afrikan Black Coalition".

Another representative of this organization is Rasheed Shabazz. He's not only connected to the ABCMovement, he is a Soros representative as well.

Coincidentally, the Afrikan Black Coalition (ABC Movement), gave a shout out to Deray McKesson last night in Irvine.
Deray McKesson visits ABC Movement meeting

Look, I was in property management for 25 years and there is no way a Fortune 500 company like Equity Residential would allow something like this poster to be put up, not ever.  For one thing, the apartment industry has not used the word "complex" since the early 80's, but the main reason is the potential discrimination lawsuit.  Toscany Apartments accepts Section 8 housing and Equity would lose their funding over something so ignorant and racist, it just wouldn't happen.  I hope Equity names and shames the individuals who are responsible for putting this flyer into the elevators, and I hope the thousands who continue to accept these hoaxes will learn something from another divisive and mean act by paid Soros activists.

I have a feeling I could dig deeper and find the true reason behind this - but I don't have time and it will eventually come out anyway - not that anyone will pay attention when it does.

Deray McKesson - Soros educated and Soros paid activist
Rasheed Shabazz - African Black Coalition (ABCMovement
Rasheed Shabazz - Soros Foundation
Tyent Engida - Board Afrikan Black Coalition (ABCMovement)